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Google Maps

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Google maps

Google maps

Google Maps (Google Maps; formerly Google Local) - a set of applications built on the basis of a free map service and technology provided by Google. Created in 2005.

The service is a map and satellite images of the planet Earth. Highly detailed aerial photographs (taken from a height of 250–500 m) are available for many regions, and for some, with the possibility of viewing at 45 ° from four sides of the world. Extras are offered images of the Moon and Mars.

A business directory and a road map with a search for routes, covering the USA, Canada, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, China, the UK, Ireland (only urban centers) and some parts of Europe, are integrated with the service.

Google Earth

The service is also connected with the Google Earth application - a separate program for Windows, as well as GNU / Linux, Mac OS. Like Google Maps, Google Earth allows you to view images of the earth’s surface, zoom in and out, and build travel paths. Its advantage is a three-dimensional display of the earth's surface (taking into account the relief), the possibility of observing from an arbitrary angle (and not just steeply from above), the gradual refinement of the image as more detailed pictures are loaded (no need to wait before the "white spots", as in Google Maps) , the ability to smoothly change the scale (and not just a choice of several predefined values).

Laying routes

To use the route search service, you must type the address from where you are traveling, in the format "Country, Town, Street, House" (for example, Ukraine, Kiev, Kreschatik Street, 1) and the address of the destination. In July 2015, the service appeared Your Timeline function (Chronology), which records the history of routes and places that the user visited on a particular day, if you are authorized.

Calculation of distances between cities without leaving home

The special form of calculating the distances in the cities of Ukraine , as well as between other cities of the near abroad and Europe, which will produce any distance calculation at your request - and it is completely free! In addition, the program, as a navigator, will display on the map the shortest path between the points of departure and destination, with an indication of all the intermediate points of the route.