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If you are going to an unfamiliar city, be it a vacation, a business trip or a trip, the first step is to find out how to get to a hotel or a meeting place, where you can eat cheaply, what sights to visit and how to get to them.

In this case, you should get a good guide or use one of the cartographic Web-services. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of them now, and unlike Google Earth, the traffic they generate is much less.


MapQuest is one of the oldest online mapping services. It was he who repeatedly helped the author in his travels. And although the site is clearly targeted at residents of the United States and Canada, there are detailed maps (with details up to 70 m / cm) of almost all European countries. Unfortunately, Ukraine is not included in the list of favorites, there is only Zoom Level 7 - that is, only to the level of the city, but not individual streets and houses.

The Drive Direction feature also works far from every country. But all parts of the route are provided with separate detailed maps and clear descriptions. They can be printed, emailed, downloaded to the PDA. In general, great attention is paid to the support of mobile phones, PDAs and GPS devices. But we did not like the way the search for nearby hotels, shopping centers, etc. was organized, especially since they are not displayed on the map. The speed of processing requests for MapQuest is impressive.


Also a long-functioning web-mapping Web service, only European. The scale of maps of developed countries in Europe is quite good - 50 m / cm, but for Ukraine and its neighbors the resolution is limited to 500 m / cm. Unlike most other services, maps on Multimap are not vector, but raster, that is, they load a little longer and in parts. For sites with a resolution of 50 m / cm, the search through the streets is carried out, hotels, attractions, etc. are displayed

Travel Directions traditionally works only in some countries. Route sections are provided with maps and even a travel time counter. You can choose the fastest and shortest path. Not bad implemented information about the nearest hotels, room reservations and booking tickets. There are mobile service options, as well as additional features - search by full address, purchase of souvenirs and historical photographs.

Ukrainska Cartographic Merezha

The service of the Ukrainian Cartographic Network from Virtual Net GIS is most interesting to us, since it is this resource that represents the most detailed maps of cities and regions of our country. Most of the maps hosted in UAnet are clones and client applications of

The server contains maps of all 24 regions of Ukraine and the Republic of Crimea on a scale of 200–500 m / cm, as well as 27 cities, data for another 10 cities should appear in the near future. The detailing is amazing. For example, for Kiev the resolution is 25 m / cm, and for Kanev - 10 m / cm! Naturally, there is a numbering of houses, medical institutions, schools, kindergartens, housing offices, administrative buildings, post offices, etc., are displayed. Search is possible in three languages ​​- Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Claims cause not too impressive speed of processing requests, especially for Kiev, and some errors when searching for information. In addition, there is no way to pave the route, detailed schemes of interchanges, information about hotels and other services. Nevertheless, it is the best Ukrainian server of this kind, and we hope for its further development.


One of the best mapping services of the new generation, made on AJAX technology. The site contains stunning interactive maps of most regions of Europe, USA, Australia and Brazil, while the number of countries is constantly growing. As on the Google Map, it is possible to display a conventional, satellite and hybrid map. There is a search for restaurants, hotels, cultural institutions, gas stations, etc. Moreover, many of them are equipped with interactive prompts with phones and a schedule of work (alas, this function is not implemented for Ukraine).

But most impressive are the 3D functions of Map24. For example, the ability to tilt the map and view the terrain in an isometric view. When planning a trip, you will not only be given clear instructions, but also allow you to fly along the entire route in 3D (!), Which greatly facilitates orienteering. Management, scaling and moving here are intuitive. Convenient and maximize the map window. Since we have an AJAX service in front of us, the response rate of the application and its interactivity are amazing.

As for Ukraine, there is only a detailed map of Kiev, alas, without any additional objects. In addition, the search for streets is difficult because of the somewhat strange transliteration of Ukrainian place names.

World of maps

This service is similar to, only focused primarily on Russia. The selection of cards differs by some eclecticism. So, along with the most detailed interactive plans of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities of Russia, there are separate maps of the DPRK, South Korea, Chechnya, Afghanistan, ski resorts of the Alps, Mediterranean resorts, Kuwait and for some reason even crime, population density, interactive world atlas with reference information, etc.

For Moscow and St. Petersburg, it is possible to display multiple layers containing information about the location of passport desks, embassies, pharmacies, night clubs, food markets, Internet providers and much more (more than 30 types of institutions). The main claim to the "World of Maps" is a terribly small map window and surprisingly inconvenient navigation.

Subway Navigator

If visitors manage to get lost in the Kiev metro, which has only three lines, what can we say about the orientation in the metro of Paris, London or Tokyo. Subway Navigator will help you. The site contains interactive metro schemes of several hundred cities of the world. It is possible, by setting the station of departure and destination, to get an approximate travel time and precise tips on where to make transplants. The author of the article has repeatedly used this resource - it helps.

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