Online map of all major battles of humanity

Онлайн-карта всех крупных битв человечества

The battle is the clash of two armies or fleets (large masses of troops or forces) that led to a more or less significant change in the situation in the theater of operations and determined the fate of an entire operation or campaign. Battles take place on a broad front and consist of a series of separate fights, connected by the general plan of the commander-in-chief and conducted by commanders of the formations and commanding associations during the operation to achieve its goals or the objectives of its individual stage. The name of the battle, as a rule, is given by the locality where it took place. The battle is different from the battles and battles of its scale and significance.

Battle (General Battle) - large-scale military operations (including military operations) between two parties that are with each other in a state of war. The name of the battle, as a rule, is given by the locality where it took place. Battles differ from battles and battles in their scale and significance and often decisive role for the outcome of the war. In the Ancient World and in the Middle Ages, as well as in the New Age until the 20th century, battles usually took place in a compact area, usually in an open area, which could be fields or, in some cases, frozen lakes, and lasted no more than , Than a few days. Places of battles for a long time were imprinted in the people's memory, they were often erected monuments and felt with them a special emotional connection. In the military history of the twentieth century, the concept of "battle" describes the totality of battles within the framework of a general large operation or several operations, for example, the Battle of the Kursk Bulge. The total duration of such battles could reach several months, and the geographical extent - tens and hundreds of kilometers.

Portal Nodegoat, specializing in data visualization, based on publicly available information created a map that displays data on several thousand famous battles that have occurred in the history of mankind.

On the map, available on a separate site , drew the attention of the blog Maps Mania.

The battle map is based on information available in Wikipedia and DBpedia. Of the original data set containing information on 8049 battles, 2657 battles were selected for which the date and place were known. The data are plotted on the world map in the form of dots, the color of which reflects the time period of the event.

The user can choose the necessary interval in the history of mankind when working with the map. When you hover your mouse over the battle marker, a pop-up window appears with brief information about the event and a link for a detailed review of the battle.

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