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Links to topographic, automotive, satellite maps



Boston Group GPS Forum

GPS navigation on the site

Mobile GPS and cartography forum on the site Zoo hand computers

PocketGPS, GPS-systems, navigation on a PDA on the site Handheld computers in Russia

Forum on GPS Geocaching site

Forum on GIS RUSSA website

Garmin GPS Receivers


Card Tools




Electronic cards

Moscow map with routing

500-meter ship Ladoga (paid)

Depth maps of Ladoga

Eurasia converted Ingit in Russian encoding

Regions: Moscow, Tverskaya, Novgorod, Leningrad, Republic of Karelia

Map of St. Petersburg

Moscow map with routing

Primorsky Krai

GPSExplorer unload this card from the receiver ( description ). GPSDaemon - its modification that works with USB

GPSMapEdit map editor for Garmin ( forum ) ( description ) ( additions )

cGPSmapper A compiler of maps from the Polish format a , to the format of maps for Garmin navigators . Here is the program sendMap , which we load cards into the receiver

The shell for sendMap makes using the sendMap program more convenient

GEM Ingit File Converter (and its newer version is here ). Program for converting Ingit vector maps into the Polish format of cGPSmapper

GPS Utilites two utilities for MapSource

MapSetToolKit utility for registering maps in MapSource

Russian firmware from Navikom Russified firmware for Garmin Etrex

Russian firmware for GPS Garmin paid

GEO - utility for the Russification of GPS receivers

Garmin Software Updates firmware updates on the manufacturer's website firmware archive

Another archive of firmware

The choice and use of personal GPS navigators have a description of the manufacture of maps for Garmin and much more.

GPS and cartography.

Work with GPS and vector maps

Vectorization and loading maps in GPS article

Maps and GPS articles, how to make the cable yourself and change the software in the receiver

Navigation with GPS and paper map

Garmin interface programming

Garmin API - COM interface for working with GPS devices - Gamin

Garmin format description img Garmin IMG Format

Cards ( or here via http ) maps (with binding for OziExplorer )

Soviet military topographic maps (General Staff)

Maps of Russian regions with reference for OziExplorer and for Garmin

Maps of the Yaroslavl region with reference for OziExplorer

Maps on the site MicroMagic Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Turkey, Malta. With binding for OziExplorer

Maps of Crete, Spain with reference for OziExplorer

Maps of Ukraine with reference for OziExplorer

Album of maps Pribaikalye with a binding for OziExplorer

Map of Central Europe with reference for OziExplorer

Map of Vladivostok with a binding for OziExplorer

Depiction maps of Lake Ladoga with reference for OziExplorer

Navigation maps. The skerries of the North Ladoga without binding

Topographic map of the Moscow region

nso-maps.narod maps of cities of Novosibirsk region

Topographic maps ( copy 1 , copy 2 )

Maps on the site Let's go! ( new site )

Map of Karelia without anchoring

Nizhny Novgorod map without reference

Bashkiria 1 : 100,000 without reference

Some maps of Taimyr, Polar Urals, Evenkiya, Chukotka

Map of the Samara region ( 1 half , 2 half ) without reference

Water routes Samara bows without binding

Tatarstan map without reference

Map of Lake Seliger without anchoring

Server kart

Luca.Ru - Maps, charts, plans Velikiy Ustyug, Vladimir, Vologda, Vyborg, Kaluga, Kargopol, Ken-lake, Mozhaysk, Murom, Nizhny Novgorod, Pskov, Izborsk, Rzhev, Rostov Veliky, Ryazan, Solovki, Tver, Torzhok, Totmya, Tula, Uglich . Without binding

Alexander & Tanya Simo website Madagascar , New Zealand, Tonga, Cook Islands, Tokelau , Bolivia, Peru , Libya and North Africa , the Middle East , Iceland , Turkey . Without binding

Tourist maps of the vicinity of Sochi

North Caucasus 1: 200,000 without reference

Detailed map of the Krasnodar Territory polukilometrovka 150 000 topographic large-scale Without reference

Map of Moscow for BMW

Maps of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia For Garmin receivers

Map of Japan For Garmin receivers

Map of Japan .png , unbounded, in Japanese

Map of Iceland For Garmin receivers

Canary Island Maps For Garmin receivers

Maps of Malaysia and Singapore For Garmin receivers

GPS Map For Garmin Receivers

Map of the island of Tenerife with reference for OziExplorer

Richard's Maps maps of the Caribbean and Japan. For Garmin receivers

Map of Finland without reference

Links to topographic maps and atlases

Another link directory

NOeGS - GPS-MAG - Kostenlose Garmin Landkarten - Free Garmin maps links to free maps for Garmin


5 km of all Russia (in Russian coding) in the GIS RUSSA format

Map of Krasnodar Region ( and here )





Nizhny Novgorod



Perm ( Perm and Perm Krai )


Maps of the square N39 ( Samara, Tolyatti, Novokuibyshevsk, Chapayevsk . Naberezhnye Chelny)








Satellite imagery

SAS. Planet

NGA Raster Roam


The shops - Everything for GPS receivers, maps, software, accessories ...

PRIN-SHOP GPS Navigators Garmin, Magellan, Benefon GPS Mobile Phones, Humminbird Echo Sounders, Interphase, Raytheon, Eagle, Furuno, Bushnell Binoculars

Boston pc

JJ-CONNECT - GPS navigators, GPS receivers, GARMIN, MAGELLAN, echo sounders, radio stations, walkie-talkies, Bluetooth GPS

Navicom , as well as on this website, instructions for GPS receivers in Russian (including GPSMAP 60C / GPSMAP 60CS )

KRIT company

Badger , also on this site, instructions for GPS receivers in Russian

Server INGIT vector maps


GPS Tracks Collection

Archive of tracks on the site GIS RUSSA

Autotracks, GPS Tracks

GPS / GIS - Base tracks



GPS in Volgograd

G7ToWin track converter


GPSPortal . Information GPS portal. All about satellite GPS navigation and GPS navigators

Do not be sad! The base of GPS points (as well as the article on this server: Map mapping (calibration) methods for OziExplorer )

GPS navigation is a lot of useful

GPS for Palm. Programs, utilities, impressions.

Building depth contours on maps using GPS tracks

GPS Walk

On map vacation

Topographic map nomenclature How topographic maps are designated and what these designations mean

Sounder + navigator how to connect Humminbird and Garmin

Foreign resources

Olexa Riznyk's Homepage



Joe Mehaffey and Jack Yeazel's GPS Information Website

Tom's Garmin GPS Pages

GPS Nuts

GPS Utility

Garmin Hacking Project

GPS tools utility kit for Magellan GPS receivers

Spitfire - The Benefon ESC! Mapping Tool program for creating maps for Benefon ESC

Pocket GPS site with reviews of GPS receivers and software

GpsPasSion website with GPS receivers and software overviews

Pc-Mobile cables for PDA, GSM and GPS cables for connecting GPS receivers and handhelds and other cables. To Russia send (and reaches). Verified

Programs for working with GPS and maps


Windows CE



OziExplorer raster maps ( instruction in Russian and another one )

Fugawi raster maps

TOURATECH TTQV GPS Software raster maps

GPSS Moving Map raster maps

Memory-Map Navigator

GPS TrackMaker


OziExplorerCE raster maps ( instruction in Russian )

PathAway raster maps

GPS raster maps

GPSeasyCE raster maps

GPSIDEA raster maps

Flymap raster maps

TeleType GPS

VITO SmartMap vector and raster maps

Memory-Map Navigator

MapsGo raster maps

GPS Tuner

PTGMAP raster and vector maps ( Garmin) + editing

Р у сские

GIS RUSSA vector maps

Navitel vector maps Moscow map

PocketGIS map of Moscow


PathAway raster maps ( map conversion utility )

GPS raster maps

Fugawi raster maps (supports Garmin iQue 3600 )

Handmap Vector Cards

Digi-Map Vector Maps

MapViewGPS Free! Supports OziExplorer and Russian language binding . It was removed from the site - you can download it here: uiq version, s60 version

PowerNavigation raster maps supported, supported by Pulkovo 1942!

Monas cards

BlueGPS cards

nhGPS raster maps supported

Navigation and the Palm OS review software for PalmOS

PocketPC (WinCE) GPS and Navigation Software software review for Windows CE


MapBuilder for Google Maps and Google Earth make a map for OziExplorer from satellite images

Convert Latitude / Longitude to Decimal converts the coordinates from the decimal form of the presentation into degrees, minutes, seconds. And back

Coordinate Conversion Tool is a free utility for converting coordinates from Latitude / Longitude to UTM and back. - Coordinate Translation an online coordinate converter from Latitude / Longitude ( WGS-84 ) to UTM and back.

The UTM <-> Lat / Lon applet online coordinate converter from Latitude / Longitude ( WGS-84 ) to UTM and back

Geodetic Calculations

GSRUG - Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) to Geographic Online online coordinate converter

WiS On Net online converter from any coordinate system to any

Conversions WGS84, ED50, OSG36, etc an online coordinate converter

Transverse Mercator Calculator

Map-maker assistant - The program is designed to facilitate some routine operations when working with maps in OziExplorer format.


A Cartographic Reference

Map Projection Overview

Map Projections

Coordinate systems

GeoTIFF description, source libgeotiff library

GDAL - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library