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Ecological maps of Ukraine and the World

Экологические карты

On June 5, World Environment Day was celebrated. The ecological situation in Ukraine is getting worse every year. According to the International Institute of Nature, the number of pollution (meaning an integrated indicator of air pollution, water and soil), Ukraine is in the lead in Europe. Fewer territories on the map of the country, which can be called clean.

The worst situation is in the east of Ukraine. Two thirds of all emissions come from this particular region. “It’s all the fault of the enterprises of ferrous metallurgy, energy and coal industry,” experts say.

Most harming the ecology of the country Donbass. It produces 23% of all industrial products, including 85% of fuel, 23% of chemical and petrochemical, 37% of metallurgical and 18% of electricity production.

The second place in terms of environmental pollution takes Dnieper region - Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhya regions. Here, 20% of industrial output is concentrated. The leading place is occupied by the metallurgical, electric power, chemical and petrochemical industries.

Kiev and the region fall into the category of “clean” on many ecological maps of Ukraine, but environmentalists are ready to argue with that. “Cars are the main problem of Kiev. Their number on the roads of the capital has long exceeded one million, and 83% of all pollutants are released with exhaust gases. The tires that were recently burned on the Maidan have only worsened the situation, ”experts say.

According to environmentalists, Western Ukraine is the cleanest region of the country.

“This is due to the remoteness from large industrial centers,” says the ecologist. ” It is not without reason that the cities of this region of Ukraine more than once fell into the ratings of the healthiest, occupying not only the top three, but also not allowing settlements in other regions to break even into the top twenty.

The biggest problem of the inhabitants of the north of Ukraine is still Chernobyl. Despite the fact that many scientists say that the zone is recovering faster than they thought, it is still far from complete cleaning. And the question of building a new sarcophagus is open.