Soviet Topographic maps of the General Staff 1: 1000000 (Soviet military topographic maps 1: 1000000)

790 megabytes. Only 250 cards.

Source: file-sharing networks.

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u-45_46_47_48 a-49 b-43 c-54 c-57 d-40 d-47 e-55 f-14 g-14 g-16 g-18 h-11 h-12 h-13 h-14 h-17 h-18 h-36 i-10 i-12 i-13 i-15 i-18 i-41 i-42 i-43 i-44 i-48 i-49 i-52 i-53 i-54 j-11 j-12 j-13 j-14 j-15 j-16 j-38 j-39 j-40 j-41 j-42 j-43 j-49 j-50 k-10 k-11 k-13 k-14 k-15 k-19 k-32 k-37 k-38 k-39 k-40 k-41 k-42 k-43 k-44 k-48 k-52 k-53 k-55 l-10 l-11 l-12 l-13 l-16 l-17 l-19 l-32 l-33 l-34 l-35 l-36 l-37 l-38 l-39 l-40 l-41 l-42 l-43 l-44 l-45 l-47 l-48 l-49 l-50 l-52 l-53 l-54 l-55 l-56 m-09 m-10 m-11 m-12 m-13 m-15 m-16 m-17 m-18 m-19 m-20 m-21 m-22 m-34 m-35 m-36 m-37 m-38 m-39 m-40 m-41 m-42 m-43 m-44 m-45 m-46 m-47 m-48 m-49 m-50 m-51 m-52 m-53 m-54 m-55 m-56 m-57 n-30 n-31 n-34 n-35 n-36 n-37 n-38 n-39 n-40 n-41 n-42 n-43 n-44 n-45 n-46 n-47 n-48 n-49 n-50 n-51 n-52 n-53 n-54 n-55 n-56 n-57 n-58 n-59 o-32 o-33 o-34 o-35 o-36 o-37 o-38 o-39 o-40 o-41 o-42 o-43 o-44 o-45 o-46 o-47 o-48 o-49 o-50 o-51 o-52 o-53 o-54 o-55 o-56 o-57 o-58 o-59 p-01_02 p-03_04 p-33_34 p-35_36 p-37_38 p-39_40 p-41_42 p-43_44 p-45_46 p-47_48 p-49_50 p-51_52 p-53_54 p-55_56 p-57_58 p-59_60 q-01_02 q-33_34 q-35_36 q-37_38 q-39_40 q-41_42 q-43_44 q-45_46 q-47_48 q-49_50 q-51_52 q-53_54 q-55_56 q-57_58 q-59_60 r-01_02 r-33_34 r-35_36 r-37_38 r-39_40 r-41_42 r-43_44 r-45_46 r-47_48 r-49_50 r-51_52 r-53_54 r-55_56 r-57_58 r-59_60 s-39_40 s-41_42 s-43_44 s-45_46 s-47_48 s-49_50 s-51_52 s-53_54 s-55_56 t-41_42_43_44 t-45_46_47_48 t-49_50_51_52 t-53_54_55_56 u-37_38_39_40 u-41_42_43_44