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Wi-Fi passwords of airports all over the world on one map

Wi-Fi пароли аэропортов всего мира на одной карте

Wi-Fi is the trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance for wireless networks based on the IEEE 802.11 standard. The abbreviation of Wi-Fi (from the English phrase Wireless Fidelity, which can be literally translated as “wireless quality” or “wireless accuracy”) is currently developing a whole family of standards for transmitting digital data streams over radio channels. Any equipment that complies with the IEEE 802.11 standard can be tested in the Wi-Fi Alliance and receive the appropriate certificate and the right to apply the Wi-Fi logo.

Computer security engineer and blogger Anil Polat (Anil Polat) did a tremendous service to all travelers and created an interactive map called WiFox , which contains passwords from free Wi-Fi networks at most major airports around the world.

Symbols of airplanes on the map marked airports, and on the left is a list that contains the names of networks and passwords to them.

It is very easy to use. It is enough to find the desired airport marked with an airplane icon on the map, click on it and get information about where the network catches best, and instructions for entering a password, if needed. In some airports, free Wi-Fi is available to everyone, and in some - only for passengers of the first and business classes. Anil Polat included the names and passwords from Wi-Fi networks of VIP-lounges, as well as some cafes and restaurants.

Information is constantly updated, there are data on other cities and other airports, so you should take note of this service.

Moreover, for greater convenience of travelers it is available in mobile applications for iOS and Android .