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Interactive weather map anywhere in the world

Интерактивная карта погоды в любой точке планеты

Weather - the totality of the values ​​of meteorological elements and atmospheric phenomena observed at a certain point in time at a particular point in space. The term "weather" refers to the current state of the atmosphere, as opposed to the term "climate", which refers to the average state of the atmosphere over a long period of time. If there are no clarifications, then the term "Weather" is understood as weather on the Earth. Weather phenomena occur in the troposphere (the lower part of the atmosphere) and in the stratosphere-the atmospheric layer. located at an altitude of about 11 to 50 kilometers. The weather can be described by pressure, temperature and humidity, wind force and direction, cloudiness, precipitation, visibility range, atmospheric phenomena (fogs, snowstorms, thunderstorms) and other meteorological elements.

The weather experiences continuous changes, which can be very noticeable not only from one day to another, but also for even a few minutes. Changes in the weather are periodic and non-periodic. Periodic changes are those changes that are periodic in nature, because they are related to the rotation of the Earth around its axis (diurnal changes) or around the Sun (annual changes). Most notable are diurnal changes directly at the earth's surface, due to the fact that they are determined by changes in the temperature of the earth's surface, and the remaining meteorological elements are associated with air temperature. Annual changes are expressed in the change of the seasons. Nonperiodic changes, especially significant in extratropical latitudes, are caused by the transfer of air masses. Mismatches in the phase of periodic changes with a non-periodic nature lead to the most drastic changes in the weather. Air masses when moving from one area of ​​the Earth to another bring with them characteristic weather characteristics, different from those previously existing in the area. These characteristics are determined by where the air mass came from and what properties it has in connection with this. With altitude, the intensity of non-periodic weather changes generally decreases. For aviation, it is important to take into account the sharp increases in wind and turbulence that are associated with jet streams.

Portal Ventusky allows you to monitor the weather in any place in the world on an interactive map in real time!

Интерактивная карта погоды в любой точке    планеты

It seems that the weather reports have never been so clear and detailed. The Ventusky map shows air temperature, precipitation, cloudiness, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, thunderstorms, snow cover and the value of the zero isotherm at any chosen point on the planet. And, most importantly, not in the form of a table, but on an interactive animated map.

Интерактивная карта погоды в любой точке планеты

The Ventusky interface is similar to Google Maps - the map can be moved, zoomed in and out, and you can use the search bar to find the desired place. In the map settings, you can change the appearance of the animated lines that represent the average wind speed, and also change the color map parameters that display the selected meteorological value.

Интерактивная карта погоды в любой точке планеты

In addition to displaying in real time, you can, however, open the calendar and look at the weather at the point of interest in the world (for example, as in the image in Kiev) on any previous day. Anyway, the Ventusky card is worthy of attention!