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The best project on how to unwind or stop an electro-gas meter or how to save on gas or electricity costs


  • §1. Introduction
  • §2 The concept of alternating current
  • §3 Terms and definitions
  • § 4 A bit of theory, history
  • § 5 The device of the electric meter
  • §6 Induction meter device
  • §7 The principles of adjustment and adjustment
  • §8 Counter constant
  • §9 Checking counters
  • § 10 Schemes for connection of meters
  • §11 The "transformer" theory
  • §12 Changing the power scheme
  • §13 The principle of electronic counters
  • §14 The principle of electricity meter A100
  • §15 Life and death - winding generator
  • §16 Extension Cable
  • §17 Reactive power generators
  • §18 How to rewind or stop?
  • §19 Principle of operation


  • Literature on electricity
  • History of electricity
  • Tesla cbornik articles
  • UZO Practical Benefit
  • I'm electric! (Journal)
  • Electrotechnical programs

  • How the electronic meter works
  • Useful from the field of energy
  • Nonsinusoidal stress
  • Pulse width modulation
  • Optocouplers and their application
  • Analog Switches and Multiplexers
  • LVDS signal
  • Debugging microcontrollers
  • Selecting a microcontroller
  • Lockable thyristors
  • Diodes
  • Zener diodes and stabilizers
  • Light-emitting diodes
  • printed circuit boards
  • Soldering. Video lesson 1
  • Soldering. Video lesson 2
  • Sockets in the countries
  • Wire connection
  • How are the power transmission towers arranged?


  • Reactive furnace system Vulcan
  • Water and heat meters
  • Gas flow meters
  • How to Save Gas and Heat
  • Gas Transmission Systems
  • Operation of gas systems
  • Deceive the water meter

  • Principle of induction meter
    • - the effect of an induction electric meter
    • - power meter adjustment
    • - opposing moments
    • - counter constant
    • - control check

  • All about counters
    • - the effect of an induction electric meter
    • - wiring diagrams for electricity meters
    • - basic definitions
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GSM, WIFI, Satellite

  • Openbox X-800 / X-820CI
  • Openbox F-500
  • Openbox F-300
  • The principle of telephone cards
  • Reading the firmware of a payphone card
  • Emulator of payphone card
  • Checking card emulators
  • Internet via Dreambox
  • Carding on the Dream
  • Emulator and keys
  • Satellites and coordinates
  • Interface "Phoenix"
  • How to make free calls from your phone
  • ATR answers of Ukrainian SIM-cards
  • 2.4 GHz can antenna
  • Improving the Wi-Fi signal at home
  • Wi-Fi amp from banks


  • Nikola Tesla Biography
  • Tesla 5 insane inventions
  • Tesla 10 crazy ideas
  • Albert Einstein
  • Ways to stop
  • The Law of Russia
  • Advice
  • Comparative analysis of meters
  • Description of electricity meters
  • Check of an error of the electric meter
  • Schemes for connection of meters
  • Safety shutdown device
  • Identify the undercount of energy
  • New subscriber connection
  • Selection of the section of wires and cables
  • Automatic switches
  • Influence of transformers error
  • Structure of energy losses
  • Electronic prepaid cards
  • Problems of commercial losses
  • Consultations on energy sales
  • XDSL Handbook
  • People and our Planet
  • Selection of perpetual motion machines
  • Battery Testing
  • crosshead screwdriver


  • Hacking intercoms
  • Hacking Metro
  • Hacking Adsl Modems
  • Hacking 3G Modems
  • Muffler for mobile phones

  • Bump Key
  • Guide to hacking
  • Emergency Hacking
  • Locking the locks
  • We make pintles
  • Lock Picking
  • Hacking of the coiled rolls
  • Hacking Padlocks

  • Calculation of rent
  • Calculation of stretch ceiling

  • Free gasoline
  • Reduce gasoline costs
  • High-octane additive
  • Increase engine power
  • Gasoline substitute

  • Laser yourself

Electricity is one of the most important energy resources of our time. From the point of view of physics, this is simply the movement and interaction between microscopic charged particles, the same electrons, ions or molecules.

From the point of view of our life - this is a communal service , for which you have to pay for which the meter is installed, and which mercilessly shakes kilowatts. From another point of view, this is a complex science, thanks to which different devices work that make our life easier for us. In general, electricity , you know it's important.

But, no matter how important, people always strive for freebies , so to speak. And they are looking for different ways how to rewind the electricity meter , to check whether it works correctly, whether the precious electricity goes to the side.

For all of the above, you need knowledge that you can and should draw from the Internet, or even more precisely - from our site;)

Here you will find detailed instructions on how to unwind or stop the meter altogether, the principle of its operation, the various structures by which you can accurately determine the power consumption , a lot of perfectly selected information, articles and theoretical collections .

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