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Dictionary on electrical engineering for 8 thousand terms (English, French, German, Dutch, Russian)

Simply incredibly useful in certain situations, the book. The dictionary is a guide for reading and translating foreign language texts on electrical engineering. With the help of the dictionary, you can quickly find out how the terms on different areas of electrical engineering sound: the theory of circuits, electrical equipment, production, transmission and distribution of electricity, electric drive, electrical lighting, etc. in other languages.

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Calculation and design of power supply systems: Reference materials for electrical equipment

The handbook presents materials necessary for the design of power supply systems for industrial enterprises: the determination of electrical loads, the selection of transformers and electrical apparatuses with voltages up to and above 1000 V, and their main technical characteristics.

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Lipkin B.Yu. Electrosupply of industrial enterprises and installations: Textbook for students of technical schools. -3 th ed., Perab, and dol. - M .: Higher education. School, 1981. - 376 s, ill.

The textbook provides information on electrical stations and electrical systems, describes the main electrical equipment of stations and substations, relay protection and automation equipment, examines the electrical loads of industrial enterprises, and provides calculations of electrical factory and workshop networks. It is intended for students of secondary special educational institutions. Can be used by engineering and technical personnel dealing with these issues.

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Tsigelman I. Ye. Electricity supply of civil buildings and municipal enterprises: Textbook for technical schools - M .: Vyssh. school. 1988. - 319 p.

The book covers general information about electrical stations and their operating modes, outlines the theoretical issues of lighting engineering, gives guidance on the design and construction of lighting installations, presents schematic diagrams for the construction of supply and distribution networks with voltages up to 10 kV, describes methods for determining the lighting and power loads of public, residential Buildings and enterprises, calculations of electrical networks, general information on the operation of relay protection and the implementation of grounding devices, the basic schemes of distribution points and transformer substations, the calculation of short-circuit currents and the selection of high-voltage equipment.

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Electricity supply of industrial enterprises

Ulyanov SA Electromagnetic transients in electrical systems - M., "Energy", 1970.

The book deals with electromagnetic transients in electrical systems and gives methods for calculating them. The application of methods is illustrated by numerical practical examples.

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V.G. Glovatsky, I.V. Ponomarev "Modern Means of Relay Protection and Automation of Power Grids" 3 electronic version

The book is an attempt of the firm "Energomashvin" to generalize and old data in the part in which they were preserved in modern conditions, but also modern requirements to the construction of protection and equipment of relay protection and automation devices.

The principles of performing protection are often outlined on the basis of circuits on electromechanical relays, since in this case it is easier to understand the principle of the implementation of relay protection devices and the requirements imposed on them. And on the basis of this, proceed to the study of the same functions on a modern microelectronic microprocessor base. The book was widely used as a previously published literature, as well as books by modern authors, as well as technical information of manufacturers of modern microelectronic and microprocessor equipment.

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Shabad M. A. Calculations of relay protection and automation of distribution networks - 3rd ed., Pererab. And additional. -L .: Energoatomizdat Leneigr. Otd-nne, 1985. - 296 s, ill.

The book considers methods and examples of calculation of relay protection and automation devices for rural, urban and industrial electrical networks of 6 and 10 kV, power lines 35, 110 kV with reducing transformers 6-110 kV.

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Yaure A.G., Pevzner E.M.Crane electric drive. Reference book .- Moscow: Energoatomizdat, 1988.- 344 p.

The manual contains information on all types of crane electric drives. Technical data of typical sets of electric drives and recommendations for their application are given, methods of selection and use of crane electrical equipment are considered depending on operating conditions. Considerable attention is paid to new systems of thyristor electric drives. For engineering and technical workers associated with the operation and construction of crane electric drives.

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Klyuchev VI, Terekhov VM Electric drive and automation of general industrial mechanisms: Textbook for high schools .- M .: Energia, 1980.- 360 p.

The book outlines the general issues of electric drive and automation of operating modes of typical general industrial mechanisms of continuous and cyclic action. General provisions are supplemented by an analysis of specific examples of electric drive schemes for the mechanisms of various machines, installations and technological complexes - cranes, hoists, excavators, conveyors, dredges, etc.

The book is intended as a textbook for students of power engineering and polytechnics of the specialty "Electric drive and automation of industrial installations", and can also be useful for students of other specialties and engineers and engineers, zalyatym design, adjustment and operation of electric drives.

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Kaminsky EA Practical methods for reading circuits of electrical installations. M. Energoatomizdat, 1988 - 368 p.

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Kaminsky EA How to make a small electrical installation project. - 3rd ed., Pererab. And additional .- M .: Energia, 1980.- 120 s, ill .- (B-ka electrician, Issue 500).

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Usatenko S.T., Kachenyuk TK, Terekhova M.V. Implementation of electrical circuits by ESKD: Handbook. - Moscow: Publishing House of Standards, 1989. - 325 p.

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Aleksandrov KK Kuzmina EG Electrical drawings and schemes .- Moscow: Energoatomizdat, 1990.- 288 p.

The book considers information on technical documentation for the design and development of electrical products, the rules for its implementation in accordance with State Standards of the USSR and CMEA standards. Examples are given for drawing up drawings, diagrams and other technical documents.

The book is intended for engineering and technical workers involved in design and engineering development, and may be useful for students of electrical and electrical engineering specialties.

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All books on the drawing up, execution and reading of drawings and schemes

Rozhkova LD, Kozulin VS "Electrical equipment of stations and substations" - M. 1975

The information on electric power systems, features of technological processes of various types of power stations are given. The modes of operation of high voltage networks, the choice of compensating devices are considered. The descriptions of the main electrical equipment of power plants and substations - synchronous generators and transformers are given. The physical processes in case of short circuits and the methods of their calculation are described in accordance with the new guidelines for calculating short circuit currents and equipment selection. Much attention is paid to the description of electrical apparatus used in electrical installations, the measurement system at stations and substations. The schemes of electrical connections of stations and substations, the design of switchgears are considered.

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Electrical systems. Mathematical problems of electric power industry: Textbook for university students / Ed. VA Vennikov - 2nd ed., Pererab. And additional. - M .: Higher education. School, 1981

The task of this book is to teach how to use the device of mathematical methods in special electric power problems. The book considers: the application of matrix algebra and graph theory to the analysis of networks of electrical systems, the use of probability theory in the electric power industry, the main approaches to the mathematical study of transients in automatically controlled power systems. Compared with the first edition (1970). In the second, the introduction was re-written and the sections devoted to the matrix and graph method of network analysis were significantly supplemented, and the consideration of transient processes was expanded.

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Manoylov V. Ye. Fundamentals of electrical safety. Ed. 3rd, revised. And additional. L., "Energy", 1976.

The book discusses the basics of electrical safety on the basis of modern concepts of the hazard criteria for electric current. The statistical data on electroraviation in our country and abroad are given. The principal design, installation and operation provisions for grounding devices with voltage lower than 1000 V are illuminated. The data on protection against the action of electric fields and on the electrical injury of animals have been published. This publication is supplemented by new data and examples in the field of electro-injury.

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Collected Articles

All that every qualified electrician should know about electromagnetic relays, starters and contactors
The book considers the device, the principle of operation, technical characteristics, selection rules, features in the work and the principles of setting up the operation of electromagnetic remote control devices: electromagnetic relays, starters, contactors, executive and lifting electromagnets and electromagnetic couplings.

School for an electrician. Collection of practical advice on the operation and repair of electrical equipment
Another practical guide for electricians. Collection of selected articles from the site School for an electrician.

The whole truth about electrical work in a wooden house in accordance with the PUE and PTEEP
The purpose of this collection of articles is to talk about how to perform electrical wiring for wood, observing all established norms and rules of electrical safety and fire safety.

Residual current device (RCD): Theory and practice of use
Another collection of articles created on the materials of the Moscow wiring company "ElectroAS". The principle of operation of the RCD, the classification and types of RCDs, why can not install RCDs in the TN-C grounding system ?, answers to questions.

Electrical warm floor: technology, installation, installation, connection and maintenance of the warm floor
From this e-book you will learn: what is needed and how different types of the system are made for the warm floor, its advantages and disadvantages, which must be remembered, if you want to install heated floor, how to choose the necessary equipment and calculate the thickness of the warm floor, how to mount the electric warm Floor of different designs and manufacturers and much more.

About electricity for dummies
This section contains information that everyone should know, regardless of whether he has an electrical education or not! Legal aspects, familiarity with apartment wiring, switching equipment, installation products, useful tips for saving energy, basic electrical safety and more

What is the difference between cables and cables?
What is the wire, cable, cord. What they are like and what is their difference. This small e-book will help you to clearly understand these important issues.

Electric installation work. Secrets of the electrician
A very useful collection of articles with a lot of all the secrets of professional electricians. This collection can not be passed by any means :) You must have it on your computer.

20 Lessons on Wiring. Illustrated practical guide for novice electricians
After reading this book you will be aware of all the latest trends and technologies in this field! Well, that's the way it should be, since people who wrote 20 lessons on wiring in the matter of wiring an assembly and have already been eaten on this business. So, if you are interested in the topic of wiring, I recommend that you study this material in the most careful way.

Modern methods of connecting wires
Anyone who is going to do something with the wiring: whether it's transferring the outlet or changing the chandelier, is a real interest topic of reliable and safe, in all respects, connecting the wires. We will talk about modern wire connection technologies in this article.

Installation of an air line with self-supporting insulated wires (SIP)
Illustrated practical guide. In the book you will find a detailed description of all the stages of installation work when installing an overhead line with self-supporting insulated wires, examples of implementing overhead lines and their sections and elements using SIPs in different places and regions and countries.

Compendia-summaries for designers and not only
Materials provided by the leading design engineer EOM and SS LLC "PROEKTKONTSEPT" V. V. Kuzmenko.

Recommendations for the use of residual current devices (RCDs)
Practical guide for the design, installation, adjustment and operation of electrical installations for residential, industrial and public buildings with the use of protective shutdown devices (RCDs)

Selection and placement of circuit breakers in 0.4 kV distribution networks and low-voltage complete devices
Methodical recommendations from the company ABB. Reference materials are provided on the power losses for the main components of the NKU, based on specific examples, practical recommendations for a reasonable choice of circuit breakers for the NKU are given.

A practical guide to the installation of electrical installations: technical solutions Schneider Electric
European industry practical guide for the design, installation and operation of electrical installations in Russian! This manual is a single generalizing material, which describes the methods, rules and standards relating to electrical installations.

Design of electrical installations for apartments with improved planning and cottages based on electrical equipment from Schneider Electric
The electronic book contains the materials necessary for specialists to design almost all sections of the electrical equipment of individual apartments and cottages.

Schneider Electric. Technical collection. Issue 5 - Devices for residual current residual overcurrent in low-voltage networks
For proper selection and optimal use of RCDs, a good knowledge of electrical installations is necessary, in particular, earthing schemes, existing technologies and the possibilities for their use. All these issues are discussed in this manual and supplemented and illustrated with numerous examples from the practice of the Schneider Electric maintenance department.

Kurapin V.N., Tsyganov V.V. Application of RCDs in electrical installations with the TN system grounding type
The manual provides information on the device and the principle of the operation of the RCD, the technical requirements for RCDs, the provisions of regulatory documents governing the use of RCDs, the procedure for designing electrical installations and considered electrical installation schemes using RCDs.

Asynchronous motors - choice and application
In order to select the correct motor for operation with the drive mechanism, a detailed analysis of the operating conditions of the "motor-drive mechanism" system is required. In the presented methodical recommendations for the selection of asynchronous motors, the approach to the selection of asynchronous motors with consideration for modern information capabilities is generalized.

Varfolomeev LP Lighting. Quick Reference Guide
The manual is recommended to managers of distribution and trading companies that sell lighting products and are interested in people who seek to obtain basic knowledge of lighting equipment.


Dictionary on electrical engineering for 8 thousand terms (English, French, German, Dutch, Russian)
Simply incredibly useful in certain situations, the book. The dictionary is a guide for reading and translating foreign language texts on electrical engineering. With the help of the dictionary, you can quickly find out how the terms on different areas of electrical engineering sound: the theory of circuits, electrical equipment, production, transmission and distribution of electricity, electric drive, electrical lighting, etc. in other languages.

Passports and electrical diagrams of metal-cutting machines
Scans from real passports for equipment packed in DjVu format. Electrical circuits, a description of the operation of circuits, technical characteristics of electrical equipment of the most common machine tools.

Selection and application of frequency-controlled electric drive
A very good practical guide to choosing a frequency converter.

Installation of an air line with self-supporting insulated wires (SIP)
Illustrated practical guide. In the book you will find a detailed description of all the stages of installation work for the installation of an overhead line with self-supporting insulated wires, examples of the implementation of overhead lines and their sections and elements using CIP in different places and regions and countries.

Instructions for the installation of lightning protection of buildings and structures
The instruction contains basic provisions on lightning protection from direct lightning strikes and protection from secondary manifestations of lightning