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We check the work of emulators and cards.

To me, often ask the question that the pier is not working official card, etc.
In this lesson, let's look at how to check whether a dream sees a card or a sharingserver.

It's about the bundle of MGCamd + NewCS !!!! (For other emu, everything is different!)
There is nothing easier!
We start the Dream, insert the card (chip downwards!).
Turn on the desired channel, and go. If everything shows, then everything is OK, then we do not read it!
If it does not show, go to the ftp in the / tmp / directory.
There we see 5-10 files, depending on the image and configuration.
We are interested in only 3.

Opening it looks something like this:
newcamd route 4A70: dummy: 34000: newcs EMM ON online
newcamd route 0000: dummy: 34001: newcs EMM OFF offline
See the first line - EMM ON online
This means that the Dream fully sees our card!
If it is written OFF or offline, then your card is either non-working, or the Dream does not see or understand it.

Approximately, too, you'll see if you add the sharig server in the config.
It will either be ON online, which means that you have successfully logged in and everything is OK, or OFF online, which means that the server is there, but you are not allowed (incorrect login / password, disk, etc.), or OFF offline, which means that the server does not respond at all.

For the other two files, and, you can simply control the process of the work of the card server. Watch such parameters as the number of reins, keys that came to you, the keys themselves, access time, etc.

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