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§ 16 Extension cord.


I can not say anything good or bad about a method called an extension cord. Somehow he just didn’t come across to me, but on purpose I didn’t look for him. Moreover, I did not have a desire to buy it. According to eyewitnesses, it does not work, so I will give the comments to believe it or not is up to you.

-antipozitron-: See what the authors write about this method:
To do this, you will need to prepare the socket and extension cord in a special way, and it is also possible (50/50) to slightly change the wiring diagram. In houses with euro wiring changes are minimal.
The authors have an interesting idea about the minimality of changes. So let's see what is meant. First, you will have to change the phasing of the meter (swap the two wires at the input). This is already a fine, unless of course the supervisors notice, but as practice has shown, they sooner or later notice it, plus not everywhere there is the opportunity to carry out such manipulations. Second - you remodel the extension cord so that the neutral wire on the plug does not connect to the pin, but to the grounding contacts. Thus, you must have a Euro outlet (with grounding contacts), a good grounding and an extension cord for the Eurosocket in your house.

So a check came to us, are we afraid of something? We listen to the authors:
At the same time, it is very difficult to determine that there is unaccounted use and to prove something, because the counter will work correctly.
A bold statement, but how really? But in fact, everything is exactly the opposite! The first simplest check is to check the phasing of the meter. Here you can count on a fine of 500 dollars so. Well, let's say with this we will dismiss. The second check is a check of the currents flowing through the zero and phase wires of the meter - a 100 percent problem. Here it is already possible to run into the sky in the cell. That's all about this method. Whether it costs $ 6, everyone decides for himself. If somewhere my thoughts sounded messy - write, I will try to explain more clearly.

Elremont: Judging by the text, we are talking about variations on the theme of the "hammer your ground, connect a wire to it and rejoice"