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§ 18 So how can you unwind or stop the electronic counter?

Electronic counters are not unwound. It has 4 quadrant measurements, it simply measures the counter-current and folds it into another drive that is different from the direct one. That is, he measures the active and reactive energy in both directions, keeps a record of events, and all that one can think of. And if at one fine moment he fixes that your apartment suddenly began to give out energy to the network, then the testing organization will have every reason to fuck you repeatedly, and the printout of the protocol will be proof of that.
Meter designers have also provided for such simple tricks as blocking of the current coil (the meter records the time when power was not consumed). That is, if it turns out that one bulb did not burn for hours at 9 pm in the winter for a month, then this is a serious reason for the visit of the inspectors.
There is protection from especially clever ones - the counter records the time of processor failures and its restart.