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History of electrical engineering

Thomas Edison Essays and articles on the history of electrical engineering.

Discoveries and inventions. Chronology. Historical reviews.

This material is about people, thanks to whom electrical engineering appeared, as well as people who contributed to its formation and development.

Discoveries and inventions

Electrostatic machine opens up new properties of electricity

The invention of the Leyden jar is a new page in the annals of electricity

Luigi Galvani and the birth of electrobiology

Volta checks Galvani's discovery and "closes" it

From the history of "metallic" electricity, the open Volta

Volts pole - the first current source

Detection and study of the action of electric current. "The Biggest Battery" by VV Petrov

Opening of the thermal action of the current

Magnetic action of the current. The experience of Oersted

Interaction of electric current and magnet. Development of the fundamentals of electrodynamics

The first conductor resistance studies

Ohm's law. Georg Simon Om

The story of how Georg Simon Om discovered Ohm's law

The discovery of the law of electromagnetic induction

William Sturgen and the world's first electromagnet

Electromagnets by Joseph Henry

How Faraday created the theory of dielectric polarization

The invention of a galvanometer

The history of the creation of the first batteries

Great theorists and great practices, or a story about how the radio was created

Electromagnetic theory of Maxwell

The passing century of the three-phase

Static electricity

The history of the discovery of the thermoelectric effect

The discovery of electrons by Joseph John Thomson

The discovery of superconductivity

Great Books

"Experimental Research" by Michael Faraday

Chronology. Historical Reviews

History of electrical engineering in dates. 1600 - 1850 years.

The main stages of the development of electrical engineering

Electrochemical sources of current

The formation of the foundations of the theory of electric circuits and electromagnetism

History of accumulators

Wires, cables and electrical insulation in the recent past

The beginning of electrical instrumentation and electrometry

History of electricity meter

Development of the technique of alternating current

Electrification based on a three-phase current system

History of development of instrument making

Origin of electrotechnology

Formation and development of electrometallurgy

Influence of electricity on construction equipment

The history of the electrification of railways. Part 1

The history of the electrification of railways. Part 2

The history of the development of electrochemical methods for the production of chlorine and caustic soda. Part 1

The history of the development of electrochemical methods for the production of chlorine and caustic soda. Part 2

Scientific and technical progress of the late 19th - early 20th century

The development of the theory of electrical circuits from the end of the nineteenth century

Stages of development of electric vehicles and their construction

From the history of electrical safety

The First Steps of Russia's Electrification

The development of the electric power industry in Russia in 1917-1940.  

History of electrical machines and electric drives

History of the development of electrical machines and transformers

The crisis of steam technology

Revolutionary role of the electric motor in the machine system

The emergence and initial period of the development of electrical machines

The first designs of DC motors

History of the development of machine-engines. Development of industrial electric drive

The first alternators

Transformer history

The beginning of the study of processes in electric machines

History of electric lighting

The beginning of the development of electric lighting

The trial of an electric bulb

Electric lighting stimulates the birth of practical electrical engineering

Power generation and transmission

Development of DC power plants

Electricity becomes a commodity. The first power stations

The problem of the transmission of electrical energy over a distance

The first attempts to transmit electricity over a distance

The first three-phase power transmission line is solved by a long-term dispute: a constant or alternating current?

History of the development of the main high-voltage equipment. Part 1

History of the development of the main high-voltage equipment. Part 2

Concentration of electricity production in the late XIX - early XX century

The history of the use of overhead lines with self-supporting insulated wires

According to the materials of the journal "Electricity" of the turn of the XIX-XX centuries.

"... both science and technology are undoubtedly moving forward, we do not see an end to this movement, we can not even imagine more or less definitely what the nature of that electric age that humanity expects, but which can be, will not begin with the already close twentieth century. " The journal "Electricity", 1899, №1

The first electric meters. 1896, 1901

First switches

Who is who. Scientists and inventors. People and Fates

Nikola Tesla

William Gilbert and the beginning of experimental studies of electricity and magnetism

Who are you, Baron Schilling? To the biography of the inventor of the electromagnetic telegraph

Remained in the shadows. The first woman electrician

Michael Faraday | Charles Auguste Coulomb | Wilhelm Eduard Weber

James Clerk Maxwell | Werner von Siemens | Henry Hertz

Hendrik Lorenz

Charles Proteus Steinmetz - developer of the foundations of the symbolic method of calculating AC circuits

Boris Semyonovich Jacobi | Boris Semenovich Jacobi (from the book of SI Vavilov in 1948)

Alexander Nikolaevich Lodygin - inventor of incandescent lamp

PN Yablochkov - glory and pride of Russian electrical engineers

Inventions of Pavel Nikolaevich Yablochkov

How Pavel Yablochkov tried to apply his inventions in Russia

Mikhail Osipovich Dolivo-Dobrovolsky

Nikola Tesla. Digest of articles


Electric cars - an alternative to an internal combustion engine

Use of ultra-violet rays. "Black light" in science and industry

Electronic books on the history of electrical engineering and electric power industry in DjVu format

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