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Improving Wi-Fi Signal at Home

Улучшение сигнала Wi-Fi дома

Wi-Fi is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance for wireless networks based on the IEEE 802.11 standard. Under the abbreviation Wi-Fi (from the English phrase Wireless Fidelity, which can literally be translated as “wireless quality” or “wireless accuracy”), a whole family of standards for transmitting digital data streams over radio channels is currently being developed.

Any equipment that complies with the IEEE 802.11 standard can be tested in the Wi-Fi Alliance and receive the appropriate certificate and the right to apply the Wi-Fi logo.

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The length of the radio wave that connects your laptop, tablet or smartphone to the Network is 12 cm. If you want the home Internet to work perfectly, check out some effective tips for amplifying Wi-Fi waves .

1. In the center of the house

The router that distributes Wi-Fi should be in the center of the apartment. In this case, the waves will be evenly distributed, falling into all corners of the home.

2. Lift it up

Never put the router on the floor - in this case, most of the waves of interest to you will go to the neighbors below. The best place for the device is on the wall, closer to the ceiling. This contributes to a very powerful signal!

3. Take the equipment away

The technique that is next to the router reduces signal strength. The TV or computer should not be near the router - remember this.

Улучшение сигнала Wi-Fi дома

4. Play with the antennas!

If the router has two antennas, install one vertically and the other horizontally. In this situation, it will be best to broadcast the signal. Try different antenna positions on the router and experimentally determine which position is optimal for a good signal.

5. Wi-Fi Signal Card

There are special applications that will show you the signal distribution map of your home. By installing such a program, you will immediately understand where it is best to install a router and why in some places there is never the Internet.

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