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Consultations on electricity supply and energy sales

An energy sales employee does not have the right to access the apartment without the permission of the owner or his relatives. In case of refusal, he can draw up an act of non-admission and after 10 days turn off the electricity. In fact, the non-admission act is a deterrent, even if it is signed by two energy sales employees without a subscriber's signature does not have a legal entity. force, the subscriber can always introduce himself to the room as a renter. It happens that the employees of the energy sales company conduct visits to subscribers with police officers, under the guise of checking the passport regime, so the subscriber provides the passport to him, but again, he can not enter the threshold, but the reason for non-admission is possible.

To stop the supply of electricity immediately, the power supply is entitled only if there is a threat to human life.

If the counter has been found to be faulty due to the fault of the subscriber, the energy sales employee must remove the counter, pack it, seal the package and leave it to the subscriber (the counter is inalienable subscriber property) for delivery to them for examination, and if the subscriber does not confirm this fact with a signature, to throw out or repair in the workshop, to prove that it will either become impossible.

Counters installed on staircases are the property of the housing and communal services. They are also responsible for their integrity and serviceability.

If the subscriber uses unaccounted-for electricity, he can destroy the instrument tags with indication of their power. If the worker measures their power, it should be noted that almost all heating devices have different modes, both in power and time of automatic activation, and also check whether its device is verified and whether it is possible to measure the value. If no measurements are taken, the subscriber can insist on the minimum power of the susceptor or its malfunction.

The recalculation of unaccounted-for electricity is done in the following way: multiply the power of all bulbs by the time of burning on the basis of the certificate of the hydrometeo-abservatory (an average of about 8 hours per day a year) plus 600 watts around the clock (if there are no electrical appliances) or the sum of the power of the devices around the clock (except for heating, their power is added only for the heating period). All for the time from the last check but not more than 3 years.

If the subscriber is still caught, he can: not sign any documents, do not make any inscriptions (explanations) on them, do not provide a passport, do not approach the counter or the place of violation.

Advice: "How to prepare for the examination"

Packaged counters are usually in plastic bags, which are not checked with you, but are asked from you. The counter is packed, the protocol is signed, the inspectors leave ... If you turn the package upside down, a nice seam is found. (If not found, then you did not take care of a suitable package in advance) Gently, with a blade, cut the package along the bottom line. We take out the counter and put it in order. Shove it back. Gently seal the bag. There is such a feature, instant adhesives such as the Japanese "SuperGlue" or "Elephant" are not suitable. To glue it is necessary to small sections on 5-7 cm. We apply the glue of the "Moment" type to both surfaces and let it dry for 15-20 minutes gently pressing and so on until the end. You get dressed prettier + shave + comb your hair and boldly carry all this for examination, supporting the packed counter from below. The expert will check the integrity of the seal on the package, tear it off, pull out the counter and give it to you. The seams of the package they do not check. At the end of the verification procedure, the expert commission, always (apologizing) is indignant: why did these alcoholics-inspectors take a perfectly functioning counter and disturb such a decent subscriber!