How to make a laser gun with their hands

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What you need to do laser ...

  1. This requires a power supply of 3.6 volts, the old glue gun, electrical tape (required blue), switch a few wires, two resistors 1 Omu, 2 condenser.
  2. Old DVD drive, or rather its optical part.
  3. The soldering iron in hand, physics textbook for Grade 9 and proceed ...
Как сделать лазерное оружие своими руками

That's what happened ...

Как сделать лазерное оружие своими рукамиКак сделать лазерное оружие своими руками
Как сделать лазерное оружие своими руками

Martial features and applications:

  • - Sets fire to a match at the moment
  • - Can ignite dry grass
  • - 3 minutes begins dymet ember from a fire
  • - It is possible to burst balls from a distance plohoveduschim children themselves
  • - If you fill the balloon with hydrogen and burst - double pleasure
  • - You can ohotititsya ducks (Calling, the light in his eyes and go to show the way a blind duck)
  • - You can give signals to aliens (not allowed to direct a UFO pilot)
  • - You can give signals that you have saved in the taiga
  • - Do not direct the device at people and planes.