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Openbox F-300

The Openbox® F-300FTA receiver has earned great popularity among consumers due to its maximum simplicity, convenience, high technical parameters and reasonable price.

Distinctive features of the receiver Openbox® F-300FTA:
  • Reliable and convenient device for open channels (FTA)
  • Rich functionality and powerful technical support.

Openbox® F-300FTA receivers are made in the same package as the X-800/810 / 820CI. Strict lines of silver metallic, stylish POWER button with blue backlight, moderately bright green indicator - all this will perfectly fit into the interior of your room.

The brand name is squeezed out on the metal lid of the receiver, which is an additional protection against fakes.

Rear receiver has the following communication plugs:
  • HF tuner input "IF IN" and loopback output "IF OUT"
  • Input and output modulator "ANT IN" and "TV OUT", respectively
  • Analog RCA sound output "AUDIO R / L"
  • Composite RCA video output "VIDEO"
  • RCA switch for "0 / 12V" switch
  • 2 x SCART connectors (TV and VCR)
  • RS232 port for connecting to a computer
  • Optical digital sound output "S / PDIF"

The white remote control has strict forms. The location of the buttons, their size and the necessary pressing force are chosen almost perfectly. Thanks to the protrusion of the compartment of the elements, the remote comfortably lies in the hand and does not slip.