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Openbox F-500

The model line of the Openbox® F-300FTA, X-800/810 / 820CI receivers has already gained a lot of popularity among consumers. The distinctive features of these receivers are maximum simplicity, convenience, high technical parameters and a reasonable price.

The company "SAT SYSTEMS" in 2008 offers a newcomer to the market - Openbox® F-500 FTA, which, we think, will become the leader in the class of FTA receivers. The model was first presented at the exhibition "EEBC '2007", and the beginning of sales was planned for the end of 2007.

The receiver comes in a stylish package of dark green color. Inside the package is the device itself, remote control with AAA batteries, 3RCA cord, and user's manual in Russian with a warranty card.

Features of the Openbox® F-500:
  • The indicator of the quality level of the received channel on the front panel of the receiver
  • 7-segment 5-digit indicator of the received channel number
  • The permissible flow rate of channels from 1000 to 45000 is extended
  • A new input unit from Sharp with a "blind" search mode
  • Faster searching and switching channels with low flow rate
  • A high-quality audio / video switch from Sony
  • New premium remote control
  • Three SCART connectors (TV, VCR, DVD)
  • Rich functionality and powerful technical support

The Openbox® F-500 FTA receiver is made in a new housing. The design of the front panel is developed by our company, and has no analogues. Its black color in combination with the "silver metallic" case, stylish POWER button with internal two-color illumination, moderately bright 7-segment 5-digit green indicator - all this perfectly fits into the interior of your room.

The main difference of this receiver from all the others that were delivered earlier by our company to the market is that this model was completely developed by our company - design of appearance, design, layout, layout and layout of PCBs, not to mention software - which is always was the "highlight" of the TM ® Openbox receivers !!!

Another distinguishing feature of the new model is the 10-segment indicator of the quality level of the received channel (now there is no need to drag again behind the remote control to check the signal quality level when there is a pile of pictures or deterioration of weather conditions - everything is said to be "obvious").
Also on the front panel there are 7 control buttons for the main operating modes of the receiver, which almost completely duplicate the main buttons of the remote control, a 5-segment 7-digit indicator of the received channel number (with the possibility of indicating the download modes - uploading data of the receiver and software, loader work, etc.)

Behind the receiver resembles the previous models:
  • The RF tuner input "IF IN" and the loop output "IF OUT"
  • Input and output of the modulator "ANT IN" and "TV OUT" respectively
  • Analog RCA audio output "AUDIO R / L"
  • Composite RCA video output "VIDEO"
  • RCA output for switch "0 / 12V"
  • 2 x SCART connectors (TV and VCR)
  • RS232 port for computer connection
  • Optical digital sound output "S / PDIF"

But the presence of three black oblong SCART connectors (TV, VCR, DVD) - from the category of innovations ...

The remote control of the combined silver-black color is made of high-quality "warm" plastic. The design and construction of the remote control is also fully developed by our company. Therefore, the arrangement of the buttons, their dimensions and the required pressing force are chosen almost perfectly. Thanks to the ledge of the battery compartment, the console is very comfortable in the hand and does not slip. The presence of PDUs of this class can not boast even some receivers of the highest category of complexity ...

What is behind the silver metal cover? The receiver's design is made on 3 printed boards, each of which carries its functional purpose - motherboard, power supply unit and printed board of the infopanel.
The power supply (pictured below) is developed taking into account the many years of experience in repair and maintenance of receivers, its reliability and correct circuitry has been confirmed by many years of stable operation of the Openbox® F-300FTA, X-800 / 820CI receivers. Electrolytic capacitors in the PSU are used only with a limiting operating temperature of 105 °.

The changes occurred on the main board (green), which is based on the STi5518 processor. The STi5518 chip itself (closed by a square radiator) can hardly be called super new, but it's just an "instrument" that, in the skillful hands of our programmer, can "sound" like Stradivari's famous violin.

At the top of the main board is a longish silvery box. This is a new input unit manufactured by Sharp BS2F7VZ7395, which is built on a STV0288 chip manufactured by STMicroelectronics company

The main feature of the input unit BS2F7VZ7395 is that the STV0288 chip has a "blind" search function without significant degradation of the received signal level !! Those. sensitivity of the receiver Openbox® F-500 FTA is not inferior to the old line of Openbox® F-300 - X-8XX. It is about such a receiver that all DX-trees dream, as combining good sensitivity with blind search is a very difficult task. Now there really is no need to know the transponder parameters, the Openbox® F-500 FTA receiver can find the actual transponders themselves and save them to the list, you only need to accurately tune the antenna to any of the satellites that are received in your area!

Currently, no one is no longer surprised by plasma or LCD screens with a solid diagonal screen size. These screens allow you to "see more", so require a source with the highest possible signal quality.

In the Openbox® F-500 FTA receiver, a solution is implemented that is used by a number of companies in PVR class receivers - the use of the Sony A / V switch! What is the use of this video switch ??? This is very well known to owners of receivers Openbox® X-810, namely a high-quality and realistic picture on your TV screen with the ability to adjust the output level in RGB mode. These quality indicators, combined with the ability to reformat video from the standard 4/3 in 16/9 and vice versa, give the Openbox® F-500 FTA a huge advantage when compared with the FTA class ...

It should be noted that the highest quality image can be obtained on the screen only when using a SCART cable (RGB or PbPrY signals). So if you have recently purchased a TV with a large diagonal, then think about purchasing the appropriate cable.

The use of the Sony CXA2161R switch in the budget-level receiver once again confirms the desire of our company to always offer high-quality products to the market at the best prices, which give maximum opportunities to its owners. In addition, the use of the third DVD Scart connector will significantly expand the switching capabilities of the Openbox® F-500 FTA receiver (someone will probably remember the old receivers of Nokia 9200-9600 with their super-quality picture and three scars) ...