Soldering. Video lesson. Part 1 (for beginners)

Scrambled here hellish installation for macro video. Because For macro shootings my camera had to poke almost with the lens in the board, which in the first does not allow the soldering iron to go in there, and in the second it is possible to pacify the tender optics with solder and flux flushes.
I had to invent :) In the end, he screwed the lens from the plateau holder - she allowed to keep fotik naamnogo farther from the board, and the whole thing was screwed with parts from the same carrier to the bracket for the suspension of TVs.
The bracket itself was fixed not to the wall, but priigigil bolted to the table, it turned out quite a convenient design (the photo will open in a new window)
On the side hung a small fan to blow off the smoke.
But I forgot to limit its power, so it blew so that my solder instantly cooled down, I had to tighten the power.

Well, the result of the whole action can be seen below:

Soldering of output components

Soldering Planar SMD Resistors

Soldering of planar microcircuits in the SOIC package

We still have to think over the lighting of the working area. I think the LED backlight is local and then it will finally be good. But already this, IMHO, not bad. How do you think?