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Soldering. Video lesson. Part 2 (Work with thermofan)

Prodlzhaem entertain with macrocosm. This time we will use a hairdryer :)
The board, true, factory with a mask and tinning, but on self-made, if it is well zaludit and lubricate with the right flux, it will not be worse.

ZY I think many will be interested in the question, but what kind of green kerchief?
And these are the factory boards from PinBoard .
I decided not to suffer from kushtraschina and all sorts of small shabashniki making payments and ordered them at the plant, since he was suddenly at hand here.
So the boards are now beautiful. With a mask and silk-screen printing, on a good textole with perfectly drilled holes and mirrored tinning.

factory boards from PinBoard

But for the beauty you have to pay. The price jumped as much as 200r. However, those who have already paid do not concern themselves, they will pay the fee at the old price, let it be a small loss to me, but it was due to their prepayment that I was able to stir up the production cycle.

Unfortunately, my comrade, to whom I could entrust the erection, has disappeared somewhere and for two weeks now I can not get it out (Vovan !!! АУ !!!), but I could not assign these fees to anyone. Therefore I collect them myself :)

Now the fees are collected and sent to the customers as they arrive in order of payment. Two have already left. The others are also on a low start :)