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How to make free calls from a city phone - a vending machine, cellular

For this you need a cell phone, you can disconnected, or a beeper. In the cell phone you need to set the tone mode of the keyboard sound, and the beeper can be assembled on a single chip.

Remove the handset on the payphone, bring the speaker beeper or cell phone to the microphone of the machine's tube and dial the number of the desired subscriber (on the beeper or cell phone without pressing a call), if an unsuccessful attempt, reset the machine and repeat. Everything, it is possible freely, it is not limited to speak.

You can practice at home on your phone. A cell phone should "piculate" as loudly as possible, some phones work very quietly. Dial better evenly, with short presses.   In our city, it runs on half of the machines, because Only automatic machines connected to lines with the possibility of dialing a number are suitable. The conversation, as it is not strange, can last more than one minute.


Personally, when I was not a home phone, I used the Internet for almost a year using an automatic device, connecting from the roof through a vent pipe with a three-wire cable with the ability to turn off the carton. The truth was one inconvenience that the PBX times in about three minutes, gives out a tone to the line.


And if this does not work, then you can add units to the old card (charge it) or make a card-simulator (gold card).

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2. How to make free calls from your cell phone.

The principle of operation is based on deception of the line state detector (DSL), which, as is known, is installed on the ATS and registers the voltage drop on the line. As it is known, DSL has its shortcomings more precisely the technological gap. Voltage in the line with the tube down is 50 to 60 volts, if you pick up the tube, then the voltage drops to 5-15 volts.

Imagine that they are calling you, your phone is ringing, but the calling party only pays for the conversation when you pick up the tube. Before lifting you tube real connection is established, but DSL thinks that the tube is not removed. If the tube is lifted, the voltage of the DSL registers and the countdown begins.

Proceeding from this, it is necessary to force the DSL to think that the tube has not been removed. This can be done if the voltage is kept high using the process gap.


How to call for free with a cell phone.

This device consists of:

  1. variable resistor 5 kw power 0.5 watts
  2. The capacitor is 0.5-1 mKF (160 volts)

The circuit is assembled in a socket or in a TA housing. The adjustment is as follows:

  1. Take the tube and place the resistor in the extreme left position. (the voltage across the TA is maximal, the switch is open)
  2. When the rotary knob of the resistor rotates, the level of the beep will decrease and soon the ATC will start to "twitch" (at this time a buzzer with clicks that disappears appears in the tube, it appears, the DSL does not determine if the handset is taken)
  3. Slightly increase the resistance (in the tube silence ... ..)
  4. We take a cell phone and call to your home, looking at the cell phone counter if 000 when picking up the phone, everything is fine
  5. And if not, then we increase the resistance
  6. The capacitor serves for passing the talk current
  7. The switch in the closed state disconnects the circuit and allows you to dial the number in the normal mode


I collected several such devices, the first of which I tried the Nikola Tesla patent on the ERICSON, AXE-10 telephone exchange. (works perfectly), cellular GSM. Other PBXs also work (unfortunately I do not know the types and brands of PBX), but the mobile operator remained unchanged. Lack of design of the small signal volume on the TA, I tried the first phone handset Panaphone KX-5000D, (works, but I use ULF). The most good results on the JACOBS device After that I tried SANYO, etc. Here the volume is higher, but if you repeat the end cascade or The increase in the sound in the handset will normally work. The call time is limited to 3-4 minutes. You can call again and talk as long as you want. (for a start, you can call to yourself, record the time and find out the duration of free calls). Does not work if the caller ID is connected in parallel, H On modern automatic telephone exchanges   does not work When the switch is opened, dialing out the number can not be performed