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Useful from the field of energy.

Based on the imperfection of the legislation of the Russian Federation. They all boil down to one thing - if there is no contract for electricity, then it is not necessary to pay. The rules for the use of electricity were canceled, only the Civil Code remained and the rules for the provision of public utilities, in which relations with the energy supplying organization are described very turbidly and, all the more, not in detail. The most important thing is that nowhere is there any description of the procedure for the presentation of sanctions to the consumer by the energy supplying organization in case of violations in the electricity metering.
The amount of damage caused by the energy supplying organization due to violations in the accounting of electricity is determined as they say “by eye” because unaccounted electricity cannot be weighed, felt, sniffed, etc. Therefore, the power supplying organization in this case is trying to “dissolve” the consumer by handing him an account made on the basis of the electrical installation capacity (if it is an individual, then the total power of all electrical devices connected to the power grid), as well as the number of operating hours checks when accounting was in good condition. All this is converted into kilowatts / hours and multiplied by the tariff, and here it is - the result: “Receive and sign” :) )) The majority of consumers are “led” to this, the other (albeit a very small) group of consumers goes differently. This is the story of the most common method “Contract”, which led (and I think it still leads) to rather pitiable results for energy supplying organizations.


If at the time of the check by the electricity supplying organization of the electricity metering at the consumer, the latter knows that he has a violation (for example, an electric meter does not take into account the electricity consumed), the consumer does not allow those checking to the meter under any pretext (for example, the meter is in the garage, and the keys are with the brother (sister , grandfather, etc.) or I cannot now, my woman is naked in the kitchen)) while apologizing asks to come in tomorrow (or at any time convenient for those checking). The next time the situation is repeated, and so on to infinity. This happens until the energy supplying organization delivers a written notice to the consumer that it is necessary to check the accounting, to love :) )) By this time, in 99% percent of cases, considering the consumer, everything is in order, and the inspector can only smear carpets or parquet with his shoes (out of harm, of course!) Or pee on the door, on the mat (for the same).
Advantages: the method worked and works in all cases when the electric meter is in the consumer’s premises because employees of the energy supplying organization do not have the right to access a citizen’s home without his consent (even in the presence of law enforcement officers, unless they are sure that a crime occurs at the consumer’s premises (in 99.9% of cases they prefer not to get involved)). Even in the case of passport check, employees of energy supplying organizations do not have the right to enter the consumer’s home. By the way, therefore, many employees of security agencies, as consumers, represent real hemorrhoids for energy supplying organizations, since they, like no one, are well versed in matters of bringing to responsibility persons with a violation of electricity metering (art. 165 part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).
Disadvantages: at any time, the consumer must be ready to check, it is not always that he or his family members have enough self-control and patience in order to withstand the pressure from employees of energy supplying organizations. The latter go to all sorts of tricks and threats in order to reach their goal and often succeed because sometimes the room in which the electric meter is located is not locked or the wife has forgotten that her husband forbade her to show the electric meter to someone without him, etc.


The method is quite original compared to all presented on the site. The main task of the method is to reduce or avoid altogether claims from the energy supplying organization (hereinafter referred to as the ESO) after detecting a violation in the electricity metering. This is achieved, as the name implies, by properly drafting an electricity contract with an ESA, or by preparing data for the negotiation process with an ESA during the review of materials on a detected violation in electricity metering. The contract consists of the “body” itself and a number of applications, information from which it is taken to calculate the value of the claims in the event of a violation or failure of the electronic meter. An example will explain everything: according to Appendix No. 2 “On the installed power of electrical equipment and the operating time of Woodworking Plus, LLC”, the capacity for the picket fence production is 10 kW, the number of workshop hours per day is 8 hours, the mode of operation is 20 days per month, year-round. In the event of an electronic meter failure or a violation is detected, the following calculation will be performed: 10 * 8 * 20 = 1600 kWh per month or 19200 kWh per year. The calculation is performed since the last check. The moment of the last check is any visit to an ESO representative with a signature anywhere (for example: taking testimony). Here are all the initial data for the manipulations that are performed prior to the drawing up of the contract for electricity supply, since then it is much more difficult to make changes, at the end of the year the contract is renegotiated - it can be changed. So, what we have: if you reduce power, working hours per day, per month and seasonality, you can get a very significant result. This, despite the actual data (the capacity of the shop may be 30 kW (and more!), And work in three shifts!). Taking testimony produced in conjunction with representatives of the ESO for painting, and then calculate the year and hello! During the discovery of the violation, the consumer doesn’t subscribe anywhere (usually the power engineer foolishly can sign something), citing the lack of knowledge in electrical engineering: “I don’t hack it! Well, so what with the fact that the meter does not work! ". If the check is with a private trader, then it is the same (family members are instructed in advance about this). Before going to the dismantling in the ESO prepare certain documents, they all have one character: "I used very little electricity!". These documents can be: a certificate stating that from ... to ... no one lived in the room where the violation was detected (obtained in the housing office or parish), a certificate of the absence of electricity from ... to ... (obtained in the power supply networks), passports for electrical equipment with checks (in any hozmage "... bought recently, in short!") or it is not mine at all (lead owners), etc. In general, they agree with representatives of the ESO quite tough, because in fact, they bill illegally - the rules for using electricity have been canceled, the reason is only the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, and then, if this moment is not specified in the contract, then there are no questions! And if there is no contract, then there are no complaints at all.
Advantages: the possibilities are unlimited (within reasonable limits), suitable for both organizations and private owners (even those who do not have a contract).
Disadvantages: in the most extreme case (if it was not possible to reach a compromise with the energy supplying organization), you will have to defend your rights in court. In this case, however, in addition to a positive result, you can receive compensation for moral damage.


Employees of Energosbyt love when people come to them with a guilty head themselves - apparently amuse their own pride! This is the essence of this method, although it is such a procedure from the law’s side. The consumer, in case of detection of a violation of electricity metering at home (for example: a meter disk is jammed or a current transformer burned out), is obliged to report this to his power supply organization (ESP). The ESO, in turn, fixes the application and takes measures to restore the accounting. The same procedure is also used for violations of the type: the absence of a seal on the input switching device or the lid of the terminal block of the meter. The ESO fulfills such applications last. they do not affect the level of electricity losses (theoretically!), so it’s more important to change a failed meter that doesn’t take electricity into account. In short, the essence is this: the consumer tears off the seal on the lid of the terminal block of his meter, unscrews the voltage screw (for example) and uses electricity without accounting, and then reports the violation to Energosbyt (screw tightens into place and sets the lid), saying that he accidentally tore off the seal - he wiped counter! Salespeople accept the application, after which they come and seal the cover. The scared host will be scolded: “Be careful next time!” And leave. So usually gardeners or residents of remote settlements - when they come to them! Summer residents leaving in the fall to the city, leave the heating system on standby, while naturally tearing off the seal and unscrewing the voltage screw on the meter. All winter they rarely come to the dacha - for vegetables or billets, and also to see how the heating system works (and also how the meter doesn’t count a kilowatt!), And in the spring they come to the permanent, not forgetting to submit an application to Energosbyt - then under the lid, I broke the seal and pulled the contact! Well, do not burn, chief! ”. Salespeople come and seal the cover.
Advantages: in the Energy Sales Application is always a dime a dozen, therefore, such applications for them as a callus, and there is nothing to undermine, you can even in advance, before tearing off the seal, with a hysterical cry, call them on the phone: “ААААААААААА !!!!!!!! !!!!!! Blah, right now, my house will burn down - something is short in the counter! Electrician Vova says that he will do everything if you allow me to remove the seal! Quickereeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!! ”Usually the answer is clear to you :)
Disadvantages: you can be caught off guard, with a random (fly-by) check, during the unaccounted use of electricity.