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Calculation of alcohol excretion


How much to drink sober to drive? How the concentration of alcohol in the blood affects driving. At 0.2 - 0.5 ppm, it is already difficult to assess at what speed the light sources and their size move. At 0.5 - 0.8 ppm (1 liter of beer or 150 ml of vodka), the eyes switch more slowly to different types of lighting and perceive red color worse. A greater amount of alcohol in the blood narrows the angle of view, and the driver generally stops seeing what is happening on the sides. A dose of 1.2 ppm (2.5 liters of beer or 400 ml of vodka) usually leads to a complete loss of the ability to drive a car. A blood count of 4-5 ppm is officially considered fatal. Alcohol is eliminated very slowly from the body: the rate of decomposition of alcohol in the blood in men is 0.10 - 0.15 ppm, and in women - 0.085 - 0.10 ppm, and this process cannot be accelerated. After drinking a bottle of vodka, sobriety threatens you only after 18 - 20 hours.
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