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Electrician v 7.7

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The program allows you to: -calculate power at 1f / 3f current. -Calculate the current at 1ph / 3ph power. -to determine the current and power according to the given section and laying conditions. -Calculate voltage losses -Calculate short-circuit currents -Determine the diameter of the wire, cable, cord and special cable. -determine the cross-section of the wire, cable, cord and special cable -Check the selected cross-section for: -heating -economic current density -Loss of voltage -crown -select the cross-section of the wire, cable, cord and special cable for a specific installation and voltage loss for conductors up to 1000 V at a certain length. -determine the melting current of the material of the conductor. -define resistance. -define heating. -determine the energy of the electrical circuit. - Determine the amount of heat released in the circuit (work). -Calculate grounding, both single and circuit. -Calculate the freezing of soil for work on grounding and laying cables -Select circuit breakers -Calculate the calculation of work and the choice of equipment related to electrification -calculate the price for n number of days m number of kW. - according to the connected power - according to the counter 220/380 V (with preservation of the counter values) - lighting calculation. -program has a built-in price list for electrical equipment. there is the ability to edit the price. - basics of electrical safety. -Note: documents and tables. -detailed contextual help. -work with price lists in Excel format with the special program CU_prs and much more.
Detailed HELP in the program.
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Win98 requires the VB msvbvm60.dll library