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Calculation of wires VL v 1.3

The program allows you to: perform the calculation necessary to build the installation curve. This curve is the temperature dependence of the wire tension. The installation table is formed by the program. Calculation can be done manually, semi-automatically and automatically 1. Manual: At the set values ​​in the yellow fields, click the "Report" button, then change the tension in the yellow field, the temperature changes, press the "Report" button, change the tension, etc. Data is generated in a report. To view, click the "Report" button 2. Semi-automatically: Check the "set calculation step" checkbox. Select or set the calculation step yourself. After clicking the "Report" button as much as you need, the tension will change automatically with your set step, and a report will be generated. To view the report, click the "Report" button 3. Automatic calculation: After selecting or setting the calculation step and activating the "Automatic calculation with the set step" checkbox, enter the number of calculations in the field and click the "OK" button. The program will calculate the data in the installation table and display the calculation without your participation. To plot the graph, I advise you to download the free Advanced Grapher program: Detailed HELP in the program.
download mt v 1.3
Win98 requires the VB msvbvm60.dll library