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Crossbar calculation v 1.0

Crossbar The program is intended as an additional tool for checking crossbars and installing new ones. The program was implemented on the basis of typical projects of Hyproprom asstroy and the book "Designing a Contact Network" by A.V. Freifeld. The program allows you to make calculations for crossbars that overlap from 1 to 8 paths. For the selection of the cross member, it is compiled on the basis of the actual location of the tracks, the dimensions of the installation of racks and interbands. In this case, 3 modes are considered — two normal (ice with wind speed is half the maximum speed and maximum intensity wind without ice) and emergency (wire breakage during ice, but in the absence of wind). Bending moments from external forces, characterizing the bearing capacity of the cross-members during emergency operation, determine the normative values ​​for the lower truss belt (Mn np) and for normal modes, the calculated moments for the upper belt (Mr np) are calculated. The corresponding bending moments from external forces are compared with those acceptable for the middle and extreme blocks, while the middle blocks are checked in the middle of the span. The extreme blocks are checked at a distance of 1/3 (left and right) for three-block crossbars and 1/4 span for four-block. If the moments from external forces turned out to be substantially less than the permissible ones, one must either accept a lighter cross member or, if possible, increase the distance (span) between the cross members. At moments exceeding permissible, it is necessary to accept crossbars of a heavier type or to reduce the distance between them. In all cases, it is necessary to again determine the moments from external forces and repeat all the above checks. The conditional permissible moments in various modes for wallpaper of the cross-member belts, as well as their possible calculated lengths, which can be obtained by reducing the number of panels of the outermost blocks, are given in the program database in the Conditionally permissible moments window.
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Win98 requires the VB msvbvm60.dll library