About the program

The program is designed to remind the events or / and the inclusion of any programs at a given time. It is possible to enable autoloading with the memory function (when you turn on the computer at a specified time, the program will remind you of the event and / and turn on the program you set the day before)

Working with the program

The program runs in tray (this is where you have the watch). To activate it, double-click on the icon, or when you right-click on the icon, click Open. Enter the information (ORT Series) in the text field and in the first field the time (20:55:00). Click the "Close" button. At the time specified by you, the program will remind you of the information you have set. If you want to launch an application, click the "..." button and select it, then enter the time (1:00:00) in the second field to start the program you need. The program allows you to record the time and information by clicking on the "Record" button. There is an option Voice a reminder of information

Music is on
Music is off
The program is not selected
The program is selected. Hover over the icon


Allows you to select a melody to accompany, by pressing the button "...". Files wav and mp3. Set up Auto Backup. "Always on top" is always visible on the monitor screen

Download Bookmarks
Win98 requires the VB msvbvm60.dll library