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Nikola Tesla. Digest of articles

Nikola Tesla

He invented the radio before Marconi and Popov, received a three-phase current before Dolivo-Dobrovolsky. On his patents, in essence, all the energy of the twentieth century grew.

By the age of 30, Nikola Tesla had done so much for which many lack a lifetime. After that - things that are understandable to a normal person end and some kind of continuous hoax begins, which lasted about 40 years.

Tesla wirelessly transmits electricity to a distance of 42 km (no one has yet been able to repeat this). For several decades he worked on the energy problem of the entire Universe. He tried to learn how to manage cosmic energy. And connect with other worlds.

Tesla did not patent many of his discoveries, did not even leave drawings. Most of his diaries and manuscripts were not preserved, and only fragmentary information has survived to this day. And hundreds of legends. Tesla is also credited with the Tunguska catastrophe (1908).

This collection of articles is dedicated to the greatest inventor, the Slavic genius - Nicole Tesla

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