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Hacking level locks with a covert

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With the help of a roll, it is easy to open such locks as CLASS, CISA, Elbor, METTEM, Senate, Gerion and others. It is necessary to expand the keyhole, insert a convolution and turn it with a wrench. To expand the keyhole, it is not necessary to use a drill, it is enough to use a drill with a lever, for example, using a ring wrench.

Below are the results of hacking locks METTEM and CLASS.

Hacking METTEM lock

Hacking METTEM lock

Type of well for the key. The hole is expanded enough to insert a convolution.

Hacking METTEM lock

After removing the lid of the lock box, it is clear that the crossbar strut is broken at the attachment point.

Red arrows and numbers indicate:

  1. broken deadbolt stand.
  2. hole for the crossbar.

Hacking a CLASS lock

Hacking a CLASS lock
Hacking a CLASS lock

Arrows with numbers marked:

  1. fastening of the rack pushing traction is carried out by a core, as in the previous lock;
  2. the heel of the bolt shank is deformed, the pressure of the coater was applied to it during the first turn, the next "teeth" of the comb were not deformed, so the bolt post broke during the first turn of the covert;
  3. place of fastening of a rack of a crossbar;
  4. broken deadbolt stand.
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