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How to rewind the water meter?

Rewinding and deception of water meters

Фото счетчика СГВ-15 Бетар-Восток

This article describes free ways to use water without metering through the meter.

The most simple and feasible at home, we consider only the operations with meters SGB-15 "Betar-Vostok".

Instructions will also be given to taking water out of account through other types of meters.

These counters are used for both hot and cold water supply.

The methods are guaranteed and unconditionally working on the counter SGB-15 "Betar-Vostok".

On other counters, these methods are also possible to apply, but with different restrictions depending on the counter model.

The use of these methods on the above meters is guaranteed to be successful, the use of these methods on other meters is possible, but we do not give any guarantees. Although, if the first method cannot be applied on a different type of counter, absolutely no consequences will have it. The information on this page is not a guide to action, but a handbook on deficiencies in accounting systems for the relevant services and organizations.

The way is to brake the water meter.

The method is simple - you need to put a strong enough magnet on the water meter.

The water meter wheel will not rotate and the meter will not count.

No sealing, sealing is not broken. Intervention in the plumbing is unnecessary!

Depending on the amount of water passing through the meter, the method allows to save from 40 to 100% of water.

With a large amount of passing water (if several taps and a very high water pressure are open at the same time) it is not always possible to completely stop the counting mechanism (only for SGV-15 "Betar-Vostok").

For braking the counter, a magnet is used, which you can buy yourself on specialized sites.

No special tools or materials that are difficult to reach are needed for use.

How, if you have another counter installed

Break it with a hammer, and immediately inform the water utility, in writing, in the form of a statement to the head of this organization: "... during repair work in the room, on a certain number (yesterday) the meter's protective shell was damaged.

I have no debt for water. Please allow the installation of a new water meter. "

Perhaps they will start offering you to buy a meter from them, but of course you refuse them, refer to the fact that the store is cheaper, and there is more choice (it is true!)

Because The counter you stood in, then the project and installation services you already need.

You buy the counter recommended by us, you install (of course, you coordinate everything with the water utility), and you call the water utility experts to receive and seal the meter.

Regarding self-installation, they certainly cry a little, but they will not have enough conscience to take money for screwing two contra-nuts of conscience, especially if you confidently demand !!! And that's all ...

By the way, I hope no one seriously believes in the possibility of unwinding the counter with a vacuum cleaner. When the meter is properly installed, this is basically impossible, since the check valve will interfere, but even if it is removed (counter), the rate of unwinding by the air flow is ten times weaker than that of water, since water has a lot more density. For example, SGV-15 with a vacuum cleaner for 1 minute, you can wind up no more than one (maximum one and a half) liters. For an hour, respectively, 60-90 liters. And the vacuum cleaner in an hour will surely burn out. Yes, and electricity will be spent at least 1.5 kW / hour ...
A warning! Dear visitors! In your attempts to unwind or cheat the counters, you will most likely succeed if you have already set yourself such a task! But do not forget to achieve success about caution and the rational use of natural resources. After all, after us, this should also be enjoyed by our children and grandchildren !!!