How to rewind the water meter?

Winding and deceiving water meters

The page will describe 4 free ways of unaccounted use of water coming through the meter.

The simplest and most feasible at home conditions we consider only operations with the SGV-15 "Betar-Vostok" meters.

Also, instructions will be given for the unaccounted use of water through other types of meters.

These meters are used for both hot and cold water supply.

Both methods are guaranteed and unconditionally operate on the meters of the "Betar-Vostok" SGV-15.

On other counters, these methods can be applied as well, but with different constraints depending on the counter model.

Photo of the counter SGV-15

The application of these methods to the above counters is guaranteed successfully, the application of these methods to other meters is possible, but we do not give you any guarantees. Although, if the first method is applied to another type of counter and fails, absolutely no consequences this will not have.

Information on this page is not a guide to action, but a guide to the shortcomings of accounting systems for the relevant services and organizations.

The first method consists in braking the water meter

The method is simple - you need to put a sufficiently strong magnet on the water meter.

The water meter wheel will not be able to rotate, and the meter will not count.

To brake the meter, you use a device that you manufacture yourself.

No special tools and materials are needed to make it difficult to get.

Materials, if you do not have them, it is very easy to get (sorry, of course) even at the dump.

No sealing, sealing is not violated. Intervention in the water pipe is unnecessary!

Depending on the amount of water passing through the meter, it saves 40 to 100% of water.

With a large amount of running water (if several cranes are opened and a very large head of water is simultaneously open), it is not always possible to completely stop the counting mechanism (only for the Bethar-East SGV-15)

The second method consists in changing the readings of the counter of the water meter

The use of this method gives you the possibility to change the counting machine.

In a few minutes you will remove from the meter unnecessary cubic meters or even their tens and hundreds.

The undoubted disadvantage of this method is the violation of the factory sealing of the meter, but the documentation for this method includes not only a detailed instruction on changing the counting device readings, but also recommendations for restoring the sealing of the counting mechanism (only for the GBT-15 Betar-East)

3rd method, if you have another counter installed

Break it with a hammer, and immediately report it to the water canal, in writing, in the form of an application to the head of this organization: "... during the repair work in the room, on such and such a number (yesterday), the protective shell of the counter was damaged.

I do not have debts for water. I ask permission to install a new water meter. "

Perhaps they will begin to offer you to buy a counter from them, but you tell them of course they refuse, refer to the fact that the store is cheaper, and the choice is more (it's true!)

Because The counter at you stood, the project and installation services to you already nenado.

You buy the recommended meter, install (of course, everything is coordinated with the vodokanal), and call the specialists of the water channel to receive and seal the meter.

As for the self-installation, they will of course pay a little bit, but they will not take money for screwing up two contra-cons of conscience, especially if you confidently demand !!! And all ...

By the way, I hope no one seriously believes in the possibility of winding the meter with a vacuum cleaner. With the correct installation of the counter, this is in principle impossible, because Will prevent the check valve, but even if it is removed (the counter), the winding speed by the air flow is ten times weaker than the water flow, Water is much more dense. For example, if you are using a vacuum cleaner for 1 minute, it is possible to wind it with no more than one (maximum one and a half) liters. For an hour, respectively, 60-90 liters. A vacuum cleaner for an hour will certainly burn. And electricity will be spent at least 1.5 kW / h ...

A warning! Dear visitors of the site! In their attempts to wind or deceive the counters, you will most likely succeed, if you have set yourself such a task! But do not forget having achieved success about the precaution and reasonable expenditure of natural resources. After all, after this, our children and grandchildren should use it too !!!