How to Unwind the water meter?

Unwinding and deceit water meters

On page 4 will be described in a free way to use unmetered water flowing through the meter.

The most simple and implementable at home we consider only operations with counters SCC-15 "Betar-East."

There will also be instructed to unmetered water use by other counters.

These counters are used for both hot and cold water supply.

Both methods and unconditionally guaranteed to work on counters SCC-15 "Betar-East."

On the other counters these methods to apply it is also possible, but with different restrictions depending on the model of the counter.

Photo counter SCC-15

The use of these methods on the above counters guaranteed successful application of these methods to other counters possible, but no guarantee we will not give. Although, if the first way to apply for a different type of counter and can not be absolutely no consequences it will not have.

Information on this page is not a guide to action and a guide to the shortcomings of accounting systems for the relevant services and organizations.

Method 1 consists in the inhibition of the water meter

The method is simple - you need to put on a water meter is strong enough magnet.

Wheel water meter will not be able to rotate, and the counter will not be considered.

Braking is applied to the counter device that you produce yourself.

For making unnecessary any special tools or materials that are difficult to control.

Materials, if you have them will not be very easy to get (sorry of course) even in a landfill.

No sealing, sealing is not broken. Interference in the running water is unnecessary!

Depending on the amount of water passing through the meter method allows to save from 40 to 100% water.

With a large number of water passing (if at the same time open a few taps and a very large head of water) to completely stop the counting mechanism is not always possible (for SCC-15 "Betar-East")

2nd way is to change the meter reading water meter

Application of this method allows you to change readings counting mechanism.

In minutes you take to counter unwanted cubic meters or even tens and hundreds of them.

The undoubted disadvantage of this method is a violation of the factory sealing the counter, but the documentation for this method includes not only detailed instructions to change the meter reading, but also recommendations to restore sealing counting mechanism (only for SCC-15 "Betar-East")

Third way, if you have installed another counter

Smash it with a hammer, and immediately inform the water utility, in writing, in the form of a statement to the head of this organization: "... during the repair work in the room, on a certain date (yesterday) was damaged containment counter.

Arrears for water have not. I request permission to install a new water meter. "

Maybe they will offer you the purchase counter them, but it's you they certainly refusal, refer to the fact that the store cheaper, and more choice (and it really is!)

Because counter you stood, the design and installation services you have inappropriately.

Recommended buy us a counter set (of course everyone agrees with the water canal), and call specialists water treatment plant for receiving and sealing the counter.

About self-installation are certainly a little weep, but to take money for screwing two kontragaek conscience they will not be enough, especially if you are confident will need !!! And ...

By the way, I hope no one seriously believes in the possibility of unwinding the counter with a vacuum cleaner. When properly installed, the meter is in principle impossible, since prevent non-return valve, but even if it is removed (counter), the speed of unwinding of the air flow is ten times weaker than water, because the water is much denser. For instance, GBS 15 for 1 minute vacuum can pull up not more than one (maximum half) liter. Per hour, respectively, of 60-90 liters. A vacuum cleaner for the hour is certainly burn. And took power will be at least 1.5 kW / hour ...

Warning! Dear visitors! In their attempts to rollback or fraud counters you will likely succeed, if we set ourselves a challenge! But do not forget about reaching success careful and sensible use of natural resources. In fact, after this we should also use our children and grandchildren !!!
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