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Determination of the lock code on the devices NOKIA (Symbian 9 BB5)

I bring to your attention a software method for determining the LOCK CODE tel. NOKIA, based on the BB5 platform (including Symbian 9).

The method is based on prob. NSS programs. Although the proposed idea is no longer new, the decision to check everything on personal experience (on the N73) encouraged me to write my detailed instructions.

I do not guarantee 100% performance of this method in all modes. BB5, so waiting for feedback.

Download step-by-step instructions (pdf) Virus Free by KAV
Download NokiaUnlocker to handle .pm file Virus Free by KAV

I discovered that after flashing my Nokia 9500 I installed on it a certain security code, which I have forgotten to date. He began to pick up - well, nothing fits. It is even strange - I went through all the codes that, in theory, I could think of. When installing any digital codes, I have some system that allows you to easily memorize them and then restore them without much difficulty. But then the system snapped.

I somehow didn’t really want to make a full reset to the phone and, moreover, to carry it to a flashing, therefore, to begin with, I began to look for a simpler way. And, what is most funny - I found it.

I plowed, naturally, quite a large number of forums, and at one of them I found a link to a thing that was absolutely amazing for me. That is, theoretically, I assumed that somehow this should be done, probably, but there was no certainty.

But it turned out everything is really so simple: you take IMEI (on any Nokia you can get it by pressing the keys * # 06 #) in succession, type it in the input line on the site, and in a second you get the master code for unlocking. The main thing, I thought it was some sort of crap, but I still entered this code into the phone. I see - it fits. Then, of course, he introduced a new security code, which will not be forgotten: that's all, now I breathe again exactly.

This site, of course, is a godsend for scoundrels who grab phones from their hands on the subway. For them, as I understand it, there is a limit: there is not more than one unlock per day for one IP (or maybe it sets a cookie, I did not understand). Although these guys have their own ways, for sure.

In any case, for honest, but forgetful people like me, this site is just a gift. So, if someone suddenly had the same story, go and unlock. The main thing is that the site is not covered.