Coyote - the program for FREE sending SMS to mobile phones

Russia: BaykalWestCom, Beeline, Centertelecom, DalSvyaz, ETK, Megafon, Motiv, MTS, NCC, ON, Smarts, Tatincom, Tele2, Utel

Ukraine: UMC, Kievstar, Jeans, Life, Beeline, Ecotel, Golden Telecom

Of Belarus: MTS, Velcom

Of Uzbekistan: Unitel

Of Moldova: IDC, Moldcell, Orange

Czech Republic: O2, Vodafone

Coyote is our open source software for Windows and Linux !

Coyote is a program for FREE sending SMS to mobile phones of many operators:

Coyote программа с открытым исходным кодом для БЕСПЛАТНОЙ отправки SMS на мобильные телефоны
Russia (Akos, BaykalWestCom, Beeline, Centertelecom, DalSvyaz, ETK, Megafon, Motiv, MTS, NCC, NTK, ON, Skylink, Smarts, Tatincom, Tele2, Utel, VolgaTelecom)
Ukraine (Beeline, Ecotel, GoldenTelecom, Jeans, Kyivstar, Life, MTS)
Of Belarus (Diallog, MTS, Velcom)
Uzbekistan (MTS, Beeline, Perfectum Mobile)
Moldova (IDC, Moldcell, Orange)
Czech Republic (O2, Vodafone)
Kyrgyzstan (Bitel, Fonex, Megacom)

As well as some operators of Lithuania, Latvia, Germany (so far only 1 sms per day)

There are no versions of Coyote yet , although the Internet is full of information about it. Version - fake.
Remember that the last version is always possible and you need to download only from the official or our site!
Screenshot Coyote

Characteristics of the program:

  • Possibility to choose a gate for sending
  • Proxy support
  • Https support
  • Auto detection of operators
  • Update of operators
  • Address book with groups
  • Transliteration of messages
  • Automatic breakdown of messages
  • Templates with groups
  • Logging
  • Skin themes


  • When switching by arrows to the address book, the information below was not updated
  • When trying to edit someone from the address book, no matter which country was installed, reset to +7
  • In smtp, if you enter a password, you get an error
  • Not always adequately determined the number of characters
  • Incorrect height of the window
  • Operators and language files are now in UTF encoding

Added by:

  • If only one gate is found, replace the drop-down list with just a line of text
  • Remember last selected country
  • By pressing Enter, activate the ability to send an SMS to the addressee (when the focus is on the address book)
  • Each user is set by default via which gate to send SMS

About Linux:

  • A curl package is required (you can download here ), Openssl
  • Run via file (you can make a shortcut)
  • If you get a terrible font - you can change it in the menu "Settings" - "Choose a font"
  • About all bugs we write, do not hesitate to us on off. site

Fixed in build 1:

  • Problems with the encoding (maybe there are still some problems)
Download Coyote sms for Windows Coyote_0.3.0.2_sms_0.8.0.1.rar Virus Free by KAV

Download Coyote sms (build 1) for Linux Coyote_0.3.0.2_sms_0.8.0.1.tar.gz Virus Free by KAV