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Codes for restoring operating settings or formatting (reset)

Before using the codes and combinations of the CURING device, it is necessary to remove the memory card!

When performing hard-rezet it is desirable that your device be plugged into the memory!

After applying the codes of the OS's rezultation, you do not need to reinstall it!

Codes for restoring working settings:

  • 12345 - the device's default lock code (factory);
  • * # 7780 # - restore the original (working) settings of the device (you need a lock code);
  • * # 7370 # - reset the device (you need a lock code).

Hard-Reset - on the switched-off device, hold down the buttons 3, * and the green button (call sending), holding them, turn on the device, hold until the Nokia start-up. The criterion for the success of the operation will be the proposal to set up the home city, the clock / date and the menu language of the device.

Formatting Nokia N78

Press *, 3 and Multimedia key.

Formatting of Siemens SX1

Press * + # + on / off button. Keep until the time until the top does not appear a strip.

Formatting Nokia, running on the OS Symbian 6.1 (Nokia 7650, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia N-Gage, Nokia N-Gage QD)

Hard-reset is not done. For these devices, hard-reset is a flashing.

Safe Mode

  1. Turn off the phone;
  2. Clamp the "pencil";
  3. Switch on the device;
  4. Keep the "pencil" until the machine is fully loaded.

Possible reasons why the combination of the cutting may not work or why, after using them, all the contents of your device (contacts, software installed by you, etc.) stays in place

A working font is installed in the memory of your device.

Therefore, before using the codes, you need to remove the interfering font.

It can also interfere with any running application or process.

Try to "kill" them through the appropriate applications.

If nothing of the above described does not help you, make a hard-reset device.

If you can not format the memory card on your machine

The memory card has an active font or application running.

Your actions: delete the working font, or close the actinov application.

If this does not help, then reboot your device without a memory card and insert it after the machine is fully loaded.

If this does not work, you will need to format it in a different device than your phone.