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Jimm is a free ICQ ™ client for Java-enabled mobile phones.

Jimm 0.6.0beta on a Sony Ericsson emulator

Jimm 0.6.0beta on a Sony Ericsson emulator

Jimm 0.5.1 on Siemens CX65

Jimm 0.5.1 on Siemens CX65
If you paid for Jimm by sending an SMS to a short number, then you were deceived!
If after launching Jimm a large amount of money was withdrawn from your account, it means that you too were deceived!
Recently, on many sites (including this one) there appeared an advertisement for a modified Jimm, which, after launch, sends an SMS to a short number and removes a large amount of money from the phone bill.
Remember that Jimm is a completely free program and you do not have to pay anything to download or use it . Be carefull!

JIMM features

  • Free software, full source code available (under the GPL)
  • ICQ ™ communication with users around the world
  • Support for animated emoticons (since version 0.6.0)
  • Transfer of images and files to almost any ICQ client (from version 0.6.0)
  • ICQ ™ Clone for J2ME ™ Platform ( MIDP )
  • Direct connection to the ICQ ™ network
  • It is based on the 8th protocol
  • Up to 96% savings over short message service (SMS), example
  • Interface support in various languages ​​(English, German, Russian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Czech, Ukrainian and Serbian are currently available)
  • Free software , full source code available ( under the GPL )
  • No way associated with ICQ Inc.

Italicized features of the latest test version.

JIMM features

Message exchange

Jimm supports regular text messaging . The exchange of multi-colored or formatted text is not provided.
When a message from Jimm reaches the addressee, the picture of the message Jimm in the chat is ticked: Jimm .

Storing the message history

The Jimm client provides for the storage of message history in a special cellular repository called RMS. On some cellular (for example, Motorola) this storage has a rather small volume, and therefore it is not recommended to keep history on such cellular. Program settings are stored in the same storage, and if it overflows, the settings will no longer be saved.
You can delete the history of one or all contacts at once. Deletion of individual messages from the history is not provided. It is possible to save history as a file (only if the cellular supports access to files from Java applications).

Statuses and extended statuses

Jimm supports not only standard statuses, but also non-standard additional statuses from other ICQ clients (for example, from QIP). Your non-standard status will be visible only in those clients that support this status.
Standard statuses and x-statuses are marked in the selection list in bold type, and non-standard statuses are marked in usual:

Direct file transfer over the network

Jimm provides direct file transfer according to the 8th version of the file sharing protocol (i.e., the phone establishes a new connection directly with the computer of your interlocutor) only on computers that have a real IP address on the Internet. In order to be able to transfer files to any clients and any computers, it is recommended to use file transfer via a web server .

PS: In the future we plan to implement support for the 9th version of the file sharing protocol. This means that Jimm will be able not only to send files to clients supporting this protocol directly, but also through the proxy server of ICQ Inc., as well as receive incoming files and store them in the phone’s file system (the phone must support the JSR standard 75)

File transfer via an intermediate web server

The Jimm client allows you to transfer files from your cellular to other clients through an intermediate web server. With this method of sending, the file is uploaded from Jimm to the web server, and the receiving party receives a web link to this file.

This transmission method has the following advantages:
  • The file can be transferred even to those clients that do not support receiving files via ICQ
  • You can upload a file to the server once and send links to it to several contacts at once.

Private listings

The ICQ service provides 3 lists of privacy:
  • Ignore list - a list of those who will not see your status, and you will not receive messages from them
  • List of blind : contacts are added to this list that will not see that you are online. However, all messages from these contacts will be delivered.
  • The list of seers - this list shows those contacts who will see your status, even if you are invisible on the network.
You can change the belonging of a contact to the privacy list either from the contact menu or in a special screen (Menu-> Settings-> Manage List-> Priv. Lists):


Registration of a new account in ICQ

Now you can register a new ICQ account directly from the Jimm program . For this, you do not need a web browser or a mailbox.
When registering, just enter the password for the new account and the code from the image. The resulting UIN and password will be automatically added to the list of accounts. The ability to register a new ICQ account will be available from the context menu, only if you are not busy with all three accounts.

Antispam filter

The anti-spam filter allows you to protect yourself, for example, from spam bots by separating them from real people who want to talk with you.

How does the anti-spam filter work?
When someone not from your list for the first time sends you a message, the anti-spam filter sends a question to which it needs to be answered. If the answer to the question was correct, the filter allows this contact to communicate with you, if not - you will not even know what they were trying to disturb you.

Remote (phantom contacts)

When you delete a contact from your list, the ICQ server places it on a special list of phantom contacts. This list stores contacts that have either been deleted or for which authorization has been requested. The phantom list is sent to the ICQ-client every time he logs on to the network, which is why extra traffic is spent. The maximum in this list can be no more than 200 contacts.

Jimm has the ability to display a list of phantom contacts (to do this, you must enable the "Show deleted contacts" setting) and even delete contacts from this list. Phantom contacts in the list are placed in a separate group, as well as marked with the letter [f]

Display avatars

Jimm can display contact avatars in the contact information window. An avatar is requested automatically when viewing information (it takes some time to get an avatar).
In the future, it is planned to upload your avatar to the server so that all ICQ users can see it.

Brute force ICQ servers when connecting

Busting the servers is that Jimm tries to connect not only to one standard server, but also to other alternative ones. Busting is useful when an error “133: Too many connections from one address” often occurs when trying to connect.
The server list is set in the network settings. Servers are entered in one line separated by commas:,,

When connected, Jimm goes through the servers in the list, starting from the very first. If you managed to connect through some server, it will immediately be added to the top of the list in order to start connecting from this server the next time.

Stable release 0.5.1 (Release date: 2006/10/31)

Download directly to the cell
To download and install the Jimm client directly to the cellular one, open your cellular mobile Internet browser, go to and select the version to download

Download to computer
Download Assistant allows you to select the desired version of the program for your cellular and download it to your computer. Then you can install it on your cell via Bluetooth, cable or infrared
Launch Download Assistant

Download a large archive
The archive contains many variants of the program Jimm for various supported platforms, as well as the source code of the program:

Current Test Version 0.6.0beta (Nightly Build)

The test version contains all the latest innovations that will be included in the next release. But it may also contain errors. Do not expect that this version will work without failures. If you find an error in the test version, write to the developers in the forum.

To download the test version directly to the cellular, go to the cellular WAP-browser at and click on the link "Test version".

Full version + animated smilies *

Cellular with MIDP2 support:
Siemens (series 65-75):
Blackberry Smartphones

* Animated emoticons require at least 1 MB of free memory for Java applications.

Full version with static smiles

Cellular with MIDP2 support:
Siemens (series 65-75):
Blackberry Smartphones
The rest with MIDP1 support

"Lightweight" version without modules

Cellular with MIDP2 support:
Siemens (series 65-75):
Blackberry Smartphones
The rest with MIDP1 support

Test version sources

jimm_src.7z - 7z-archive jimm_src.7z - ZIP archive
trunk.tar.gz - GZ archive from SVN trunk.tar.gz

To unpack archives for MS Windows, you can use the 7-zip archiver:

How to build Jimm from source is written on this page and also in the README file .

Go to the source page of test versions

Questions Answers

Questions on version 0.6.0beta

My mobile restarts when I start. I put the version with animated smiles.

It is possible that the cellular memory is low. We must try to put the version with the usual smiles.

When loading, Jimm writes: "No memory to load emotions images!". After that, emoticons don't work.

There is not enough memory on the cell to load animated emoticons. It is necessary to put the version with the usual smiles.

Put Jimm and can not go into some settings. And when connected, it gives an error that the port is incorrectly configured

This happened due to the fact that Jimm incorrectly perceived the old settings. You must first remove Jimm, and then put it again.

Some of the contacts on my list have an icon (f). These contacts are always offline. Where did they come from?

These are the so-called phantom contacts — those contacts that were once on the list or for which authorization was requested. They are still stored on the ICQ server and can be deleted (again, for sure).
To prevent these contacts from being displayed in the list, you must disable the display of deleted contacts in the settings.

Why are Jimm emoticons so small? Why developers can not post a version with large animated koloboks?

The fact is that ICQ Ltd. has the exclusive right to use large koloboks in instant messaging clients. Jimm developers are not allowed to insert these emoticons into their client.

When connected, Jimm gives the error message "The packet of the disconnected channel is not processed (# 135.1)"

You must enable the "Secure Login" setting in the network settings, or install the Jimm version no earlier than 0.5.1

My cell when connecting gives an error 121 (or 118). I have never been able to connect :(

This means that the GPRS-Internet does not work on the cellular. In this case, do the following:
  • Check if the GPRS-Internet service is turned on at the cellular operator. If not, then you need to activate it.
  • Configure GPRS-Internet on the cellular.
All these two points can be done with the active participation of the support service of the cellular operator. Those. you just call support and ask if I have GPRS-Internet, etc. and follow the suggested instructions.
  • If you are sure that GPRS-Internet is configured correctly, and Jimm did not work, try enabling the settings of "Permanent connection" and "Asynchronous transfer"
If these tips did not help, then the problem is in the cell phone or in poor communication quality.

GPRS works for me (since I can climb WAP sites via GPRS) and Jimm does not want to connect and gives errors all the time

For the work of the WAP-browser GPRS-WAP is used. And to work Jimm'a need just GPRS-Internet. How to configure it is described in the previous section FAQ'a.

Why do I see numbers in the Jimm’s contact list?

This is all because you make contacts in Miranda. Miranda does not fill in the Nickname field in the contact list, so only UINs are displayed. This problem can be solved in one of two ways:
  • Go to the site and rename those contacts that are displayed in the form of numbers.
  • Select to view information for each contact. After that, the name of the contact is renamed automatically.

My program restarts or shuts down when the program is running or loading. :(

Such things happen because of errors in the firmware of the cellular. Jimm's developers can't fix this problem. It is hoped that in the next version of the cellular firmware this problem will be eliminated.

I go to the settings, change some options, save the changes, but the settings are not saved. What to do?

Most likely Jimm's data warehouse is full. It is necessary to clear the data warehouse (how to do this is described here)

Sometimes there are messages that can not be read, because they consist of incomprehensible characters

In this case, you must enable the “Win1251 Encoding” item in the interface settings.

Jimm all the time when connecting writes that the wrong password. I entered the password many times, but nothing helps.

This can occur for several reasons:
  • You have entered a password longer than 8 characters. Enter only the first 8 characters of the password.
  • You have "hijacked" asi number. This can be verified by booting from another client. In this case, you need to use the service of restoring an ICQ account on the ICQ site:

Jimm spends a lot of traffic :(

Most likely in the settings in the "Connection Type" is "Http". It is necessary to switch to the "Socket". “Http” should be selected only if the cellular one does not support Socket connections.

When using Jimm, my phone’s battery consumption is faster. This is normal?

Yes, because while running Jimm, your phone uses CPU, memory, and network capabilities so that increased battery consumption is inevitable.

Why after several attempts to connect an error occurs Attempts have been exhausted # 114?

If you too often connect to the ICQ-server, then it can ban the connection from this ICQ number for 10-20 minutes. Repeat connection attempts after some time.

Jimm'a hangs on booting right after powering on. What to do?

Most likely, the Jimm data store has overflowed or deteriorated, cleaning it in any way will help.

Why does an error constantly occur during the connection An I / O error # 120 has occurred?

This error occurs when Jimm cannot access the data network. Make sure the availability of GPRS services (check the balance of the personal account, the signal level). Check the settings for accessing java-applications to the Internet. Make sure that Jimm has not been denied access to the Internet. Perhaps this error may disappear itself after rebooting (turning off and then turning on) the phone.
  • On Siemens x65-75 phones, this error may occur if you do not break the active WAP connection before using Jimm. In standby mode, such a connection is represented by the GPRS> icon. To break the WAP-connection, use the standard WAP-browser.
  • If the connection process indicator constantly stops at 10% and after a while the error # 120 occurs, then try to enable the additional connection in the Jimm network settings. This is true for some operators who change the internal IP address of subscribers with each new packet connection.

Why my messages sometimes do not reach the recipients or messages do not reach me?

This is due to the fact that during work for various reasons, the GPRS connection may break (frequent cell changes, poor reception). Sometimes the phone can reconnect and work resumes, and sometimes the connection fails and errors occur. Unfortunately, Jimm cannot know for sure if the connection is broken, so it will work as usual for some time, only the messages will not go anywhere, just as the incoming messages will not come.

Why are some of my contacts colored gray and they disappear from the contact list when I next connect?

Contacts painted in gray are called temporary contacts, since they are not saved in the server contact list. Such contacts will be lost if you exit Jimm, so you need to add the server contact list using the Add contact function.

Put Jimm on the phone Nokia 6230i. Everything works, but there are no sounds and the vibro does not work.

The thing is that for the folder in which the applications are placed (Applications-Collection), permissions to reproduce sound and vibra are not included. You need to enable these permissions through “Options-Application Settings” and everything should work.