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The harm of mobile phones on the body (Habitat. Invisible enemy.)

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Any of us everywhere and everywhere is exposed to the harmful effects of the environment: household items, GMO products, all sorts of technological innovations. Unfortunately, to completely eliminate the aspect of "harm" at the present time is beyond the power of manufacturers. Some for this purpose do not have enough resources, and some simply do not have as such a desire and need. Nevertheless, such moments do not stop the modern user in his desire to join the progress. Therefore, it makes no sense to lament about the harmful effects of a product or a gadget (in particular, a Chinese mobile phone).

Today, the "wandering" opinion on the Internet that Chinese phones are particularly harmful, has no actual evidence and sober arguments. The experience of millions of sales and the recognition of customers around the world is the opposite proof. In addition, any mobile phone, if the elementary rules of operation are not followed, can be harmful to human health, and here it is not a matter of the manufacturer.

The established stereotype about the “dubious quality of Chinese products” does not make sense at the present time. Chinese phones, as well as computer equipment, monitors, scanners, laptops meet all quality standards set in Europe and the USA. The government of China in recent years, rather scrupulously (to put it mildly), refers to its reputation as an exporting country. Manifestations of such scruples can be called strengthening of quality control, as well as tougher penalties for the production and sale of low-quality products.

So, if you buy a phone not “from under the floor”, but quite legally, making sure that your purchase has all the necessary certificates, and your seller has the right to sell these products (by the way, our online store has all this has), then the “made in China” product label is not a negative selection criterion, but a real opportunity to purchase a quality product at an economical price.

Radiation emitted by mobile phones

Given the principle of mobile phones, they must emit a small amount of electromagnetic radiation. Mobile phones transmit signals over radio waves, which consist of radio frequency (RF) energy, a type of electromagnetic radiation.

Every time more and more people raise the question of whether mobile phones emit radiation, which can adversely affect human health. The main stone flies to the mobile phone due to the fact that during a conversation it has to be held near the ear, and therefore close to the head, i.e. there is a direct impact on the human brain and radiation affects the tissues of the head. An unequivocal answer to this question is impossible, because the evidence supports both sides of this argument.

In this article, we will try to answer this controversial and exciting question for millions of people, talk about how mobile phones emit radiation and how to measure their level of radiation.

Radiation source

During a conversation on a mobile phone, the transmitter encodes the sound of a person’s voice into a continuous sine wave. A sine wave or harmonic wave is just a kind of continuously variable wave that comes from the antenna and evenly passes through the entire air. Therefore, the sine wave is measured in units of frequency, i.e. how many times a wave oscillates up and down in a second. As soon as the coded sound hits the sine wave, the transmitter sends a signal to the antenna, which in turn passes it on.

Low power transmitters are embedded in all mobile devices. In machine mobile phones, transmitter power is 3 watts. In conventional mobile phones - just 0.75 - 1 watt. As a rule, mobile device manufacturers can install this transmitter anywhere, but in most cases it is placed near the phone's antenna. All radio waves that send a coded signal emit small electromagnetic radiation, which the antenna also amplifies. The main function of the antenna in any radio transmitter is to transmit radio waves into space; as for mobile phones, these waves are picked up by the receiver of the tower of the mobile network.

Electromagnetic radiation is generated by waves of electrical and magnetic energy moving at the speed of light (according to the Federal Communications Commission). All electromagnetic energy falls on the electromagnetic spectrum, varying from extremely low frequency radiation to X-rays and gamma rays.

Talking on a mobile phone, most users lean it directly to the head, with the result that a little radiation can penetrate into the human brain tissue. Next, consider why scientists consider mobile phones harmful to our health, and what harm they can cause to humans.

Potential health risk

In the late 1970s, many people raised the issue of the effects of magnetic fields produced by power lines that caused leukemia in children. However, epidemiological studies have not revealed any connection between cancer development and power lines. But in our time, the issue of human health has once again become, since people use mobile phones every day, which emit, albeit small, but still radiation. Studies do not allow to make a final and comprehensive conclusion, because they contradict each other.

As you know, all mobile phones emit a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation. Given the close proximity of the phone to the head, there is a risk that radiation can cause harm to human brain tissue. Therefore, scientists and politicians are debating about what level of radiation is considered dangerous, and whether mobile phones have a long-term effect of radiation.

There are two types of electromagnetic radiation.

Ionizing radiation - this type of radiation contains enough electromagnetic energy to separate the atoms and molecules from the tissues and change the chemical reactions in the body. The two forms of atomic radiation are gamma rays and x-rays. Both of these forms are very dangerous for a person; it is possible to protect against these rays only if you wear a lead vest.

Non-ionizing radiation. In general, non-ionizing radiation does not pose a great danger to humans. As a result of this radiation, a certain thermal effect is observed, but this is usually not enough to damage human tissue. Non-ionizing radiation is defined as radiofrequency energy, visible light, and microwave radiation. According to the data of the Department of Human Health and Environmental Protection, “the studies performed did not reveal the harmful effects of mobile phones on the state of human health.” However, this does not exclude the possibility of causing minor harm. “High radio frequency radiation can still damage human tissue,” the Federal Communications Commission said. Radiofrequency radiation can warm up human tissue in the way microwaves heat food. Tissue damage can occur under the influence of high-frequency radiation, because the body is not able to quickly dissipate excessive heat. The eyes are especially vulnerable because there is very low blood flow in this area.

Every day there are more and more new mobile phones and new users, so scientists and lawyers are concerned about the possible risk of deteriorating people's health and are trying to find ways to prevent it.

In addition to the radiated radiation of phones, people are also concerned that this radiation can have a lasting effect on a person and constantly accumulate in the body. And even if mobile phones do not have a large effect on the tissues during the actual conversation, scientists still believe that the radiation emitted by mobile phones may accumulate in the body over a long period of time and then have an effect. Especially this issue has become acute in our time, since more and more people are starting to use mobile phones. For example, in 1994, 16 million people used mobile phones in the USA, and in June 2001 this number increased to 118 million.

Mobile phone radiation can cause diseases

  • Crayfish
  • Brain tumors
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches

Conducted research only confuse this issue. As in many controversial issues, different studies produce different results. Some experiments show that mobile phones are the first sources of cancer and other diseases, while other studies show that mobile phone users do not risk their health any more than the general population. True, so far no research has confirmed that it is mobile phones that lead to all the above listed diseases.

If you are very concerned that a mobile phone can harm your body, we advise you to adhere to the following rules:

  • try to talk on the headset, thereby freeing up your hands and avoiding the effects of cell phone radiation on brain tissue;
  • use phones with antenna removed as far as possible from the ear;
  • try to call as little as possible in the room;
  • try to use the phone only in the fresh air;
  • Do not allow children to play with the phone.

“At a very high level, radiofrequency energy can quickly heat up biological tissue and cause harm, for example, cause a burn,” says HBKU, General Budget Office (USA). However, this department assures that mobile phones operate at a very low level and therefore are not capable of having such an impact. The amount of radiation emitted by these devices is minimal and therefore hardly felt, and besides, the governments of many countries have set standards for the allowable rate of radiation in mobile phones.

Testing devices for radiation

-Any mobile phone model before it enters the market must undergo special testing. As a rule, testing is carried out by the manufacturer itself, but it is not always possible to rely on the honesty of a particular mobile phone manufacturer.

-The exposure limit is calculated based on the maximum thermal effect of radio frequency energy. In 1996, the Federal Communications Commission (USA) set a total exposure limit for many mobile phones. Later, the Federal Communications Commission published the basic principles of testing, with which manufacturers could determine the limit of exposure, i.e. exposure.

- The level of radiation is determined on the basis of a specific absorption rate (SAR), due to which the amount of radio frequency energy absorbed by the human body can be measured. In order to be licensed by the Federal Communications Commission, the maximum SAR level of a phone should not exceed 1.6 watts per kilogram (W / kg). In 2000, in some countries of the world, the government obliged mobile phone manufacturers to stick labels on their phones indicating radiation radiation levels.

There are various methods for measuring radiation, but, as a rule, there is one single standard in every country of the world. For example, the HBKU in May 2001 published detailed instructions on how to measure SAR levels.

Radiation measurements should be made as follows:

  • the model in the form of a human head and body is filled with a liquid mixture, specially designed to simulate the electrical properties of human tissue.
  • The tested mobile phone is installed on the outside of the layout.
  • A sample attached to a computer-controlled mechanical sleeve is placed in this mixture in various positions.
  • include a telephone so that it starts transmitting signals at full power, while the sample is moved in this mixture.

During the test, the phone's antenna is pulled out to check the fluctuation of radiation in various configurations. The Federal Communications Commission manufacturer must submit the highest level of SAR obtained during the experience.

Therefore, if you want to know the specific rate of absorption of your phone, you can visit the website of the Federal Communications Commission. All mobile phones listed in the database of the Federal Communications Commission have their own identification code. Enter this code in the special input field and you will receive all the information about your phone.

There is still an unresolved question as to whether mobile phones bring any harm to the human body. Research constantly gives different results. Therefore, it is not yet known what risk millions of mobile phone users are putting themselves at and how this may affect them in the future.

About Chinese copies of mobile devices

Today, Chinese copies of mobile devices are so common that it is possible without knowing it to buy it. But as they say demand creates supply - at every corner they offer to buy a Chinese fake, this also applies to the Internet and the real. The market is teeming with fake smartphones, communicators, etc. And they have the most diverse quality.

Neither high technology nor original brand design scares the Chinese - almost everyone has learned how to forge. But, of course, it is still possible to distinguish. First of all, brands are forged: Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, iPhone and others.

Chinese fakes are extremely low cost, and sometimes - still quite similar to the original. In this article, we consider the main features by which the original can be distinguished from the Chinese fake.

Have you ever held the original Nokia device in your hands? His weight is at least impressive. If you buy a Nokia smartphone, and it seems unusually easy to you, then most likely it is a fake. It is still very easy to distinguish the original phone from the Chinese fake by the quality of plastic. First, the original case is pleasant to the touch. Secondly, high-quality plastic has high strength. Therefore, when pressed, there should be no crackling.

In the original mobile phone, all the details of the case are clearly matched to each other, nothing departs anywhere. When you press the keys in these devices a clear and deaf sound at the same time. All stickers for sale must be both high-quality and high-quality pasted. As for clamshells, there should be no obstacle and squeak when opening and closing the device.

It is possible to distinguish the "left" mobile phone by battery. On there is a shiny sticker. So when illuminated with ultraviolet yellow stripes are clearly visible. Sometimes it is enough to turn on the camera of the phone to understand that it is not real. The originals now do not release devices with a camera resolution of 0.3 megapixels, just be careful - on the case and in the instructions can be written and 5.0 - megapixels.

If the communicator has a touch display, then unlike the original, many functions that can be performed (for example, rotating and enlarging a photo using the finger method) will not be available. Another of the features of Chinese fakes can be distinguished by the support of two SIM cards, on the case of devices often the company name with errors - Wotorola, iFone, Nokla, Nckia, Veptu, Suny Ericssun and others.

As for the accompanying documentation and the internal filling of the phone, it is still more interesting. From the documentation I especially want to highlight the so-called "User Guide" not only in broken Russian, so there is probably one more (in terms of content) for all Chinese fakes. Also pay for internal russification, because there quite often there are errors.

Almost all fake Chinese phones work on the MTK platform (MediaTek Inc. Taiwan), which is used in Fly mobile phones. So you will have the internal memory up to one megabyte. :) . And instead of supporting modern applications and programs, there is no or very weak support for Java and many more glitches to boot. And also incredible joy in the loss of this "mobile technological excellence" :) .

If you do not want to try on yourself all the delights of Chinese fakes, before buying a phone, at least look at this model (if it exists at all) on the manufacturer's official website.

About the harm of mobile device radiation

Sometimes it seems that today all goods are manufactured in China. Of course, most people of average means prefer Chinese goods because of their cheapness, but at the same time they, as a rule, do not pay attention to the fact that they purchase goods hazardous to health.

This year, dozens of American cats and dogs were poisoned by Chinese food. In Panama, at least 94 people died after treating a cough with Chinese syrup. Chinese car tires are torn to shreds on American roads. And what a beauty - Chinese children's toys, made of toxic materials, deadly to health. And this list is endless.

The Chinese government does not keep up with the development of Chinese-made, it does not have clear tools for tracking the quality of the goods produced. At the same time, European countries and the United States of America do not have strict laws for checking imported goods. In fact, it turns out that no one controls the quality of imported goods. Interestingly, Chinese phones are as life-threatening as Chinese toothpaste?

At first glance, a toxic toothpaste can cause more harm to a person than a mobile phone, because we do not take it into his mouth. In the manufacture of a regular mobile phone, heavy toxic metals such as lead and beryllium are used, as well as hazardous substances, such as cadmium and bromide. The technology of safe use of these substances in the production of mobile phones is too complicated and expensive.

Major phone manufacturers, of course, spend money on the introduction of secure technologies. In addition, the government and organizations that protect the rights of consumers are monitoring the safety of products.

Unfortunately, in China there is no such strict control. Recently, the media reported that a test of mobile phone manufacturers in China showed that 80% of battery chargers and 40% of batteries do not meet the norm. Over the past two years, at least six mobile phones have exploded in China. Last month, one person even died from a phone blast. They say that it was a Motorola phone, but most likely it was one of those phones that are successfully counterfeited in China, or it had a Chinese battery.

In addition, there is the problem of increased radiation background of Chinese products, including telephones. Sometimes checks reveal a serious excess of the norm.

In the United States, as in European countries, customers are offered a huge number of different devices from Europe, Korea, Japan and other countries, and of course, Chinese parts are used in the manufacture of most of these devices. But self-respecting manufacturers carefully check all the components. Therefore, for the quality of goods of large companies, you can be calm, even if they cooperate with Chinese companies.

But now Chinese mobile phone companies are actively trying to break through to the American and European markets with their goods and some even succeeded, for example, Alcatel Mobile Phone and Haier Group.

As for counterfeit phones, they keep an even greater risk. It is not known what threatens the buyer the phone purchased for the occasion of $ 100. Maybe it will explode in front of his eyes, cause a cancer disease or damage his brain. This can only be found in newspaper news.

What can advise potential buyers of Chinese phones? Only one thing - wait with the purchase until the time when at least someone will check their quality and safety.