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MULTiME :: midlet manager

About the program

With this program, you can run several MIDlets (java-programs, or java-games) simultaneously on a regular phone, and work with them in parallel, switching ...

It consists of two parts.

  • MULTiME -tletlet is a java program that manages midlets; it will be visible after launch, and then you can start other MIDlets and switch between them;
  • MULTiME-constructor - a program with which you can add the desired midlets to one.

MULTiME is an Online project , with which it became possible to run several MIDlets (Java programs, or Java games) simultaneously on a regular phone, and work with them in parallel - minimize them, switch to others.

How it works

Using the program MULTiME-constructor, you "assemble" the desired midlets into one.

The resulting "supermidlet" installs into the phone as a normal application. Here, in fact, that's all.

After running this "supermidlet", you will see a list of midlets that you added to it - you can start them, then switch to others, close.


The constructor is implemented on java (version 1.4), therefore, to use it, a Java-machine (JRE) must be installed on the computer .

You can download it from here: Java software

After a successful installation of java, you can start installing the MULTiME constructor .

To do this, just download the archive with the program and unzip it to a place convenient for you (for example, in c: \ multime ).

The latest version at the moment is 0.0.15. You can download it from the following link: MULTiME constructor

MULTiME-constructor is a console application, i.e. works only through the command line.

Since this is inconvenient and difficult, there is a graphical shell (a normal Windows program) for working with the designer.

Download link: wrapper for MULTiME constructor

This archive (there is only one file in it - multime.exe ) needs to be unpacked in the same folder as the first archive (in our example - in c: \ multime ).

Thus, now we have the following folders in the c: \ multime folder: midplib , multime , output , preverify , temp ;
and files:
mc.cmd , mm.cmd , wtk.cmd , multime.exe , mm.jar , MMLICENSE.TXT .

Use (run) we will only have one - multime.exe .

In addition, read mmlicense.txt .

At the first start, multime.exe will ask you to specify the path to the file mm.jar - specify it (it is in the same folder).

If you installed the designer for the first time, then it will swear for the lack of files in the folders midplib and preverify - this is normal, these files need to be downloaded separately: necessary libraries for the MULTiME constructor and additional required libraries for the MULTiME constructor.

Of course, we unpack these archives into the same folder as the previous archives.

After that, all necessary files should be in the folders midplib and preverify.

At the next start of multime.exe no messages should be.


Run multime.exe, add to the list midlets that need to be assembled. Specify the type of phone, if necessary - other options. After that - the button Assemble.

If everything goes well, the program will be glad to tell you, the collected "supermidlet" (jar- and jad-files) will be located in the output folder (unless you specified another path in the "Where to save" field).

If at the time of the build errors occur - read the event log, try to figure it out.

A warning

Both MULTiME -Мидлет, and MULTiME- managers are in a state of "beta" - this means that they can still be contained (and do not doubt it :) ) various bugs, mistakes and other muck; Your favorite MIDlet may not be able to assemble with others, or it may not start after build; etc.

Another warning

The main limitation when using MULTiME is the amount of memory (heap) of the phone.

Unfortunately, with this restriction, you can only fight by purchasing a more advanced phone.

Therefore, run the latest version of Jimm and the most advanced Opera mod on the phone with 400 kilobytes of heap at the same time - it is unlikely to work.

Do not be very upset if something has failed. In the future (I hope, not very far) most problems and glitches will be fixed.

In the meantime, there are a lot of good midlets that are exactly going to work and ... in Life there is a lot of good, except for the cellphone;)