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Siemens programs

the size
x65PapuaUtils v079d, v111c
1.94 MB
For Siemens phones: S75 / 7F / 7C, S65 / 66 / 6C / 6V, SK65 / 6C / 6R, SL75 / 7F / 7C, SL65 / 6C / 6V, SP65, M75, ME75, M65 / 6C / 6V, CX75, CX70 / 7D / 7C / 7I, CF75 / 76, C72 / 72V / 7I / 7C / 7V / 75, C65 / 66 / 6C / 6V, CX65 / 66 / 6C / 6V; BenQ-Siemens S68, EL71, C81. Added support for CF76, M81.
It calculates the keys for BootKey, through which the flashers and then work with the phone (without any patching Butcore and testpoint). Saves full flash and EEPROM from the phone. It makes winswup with a specified number of components from full flash, recalculates blocks 512x (for those who destroyed their EEPROM), formats phone disks (FFS), takes pictures, converts backup FF to user winswup. The archive is the last official and not official version.
Joker v0.3.5.6, v0.3.4.3
1.09 MB
Advanced flasher for the following phones: А51 / 52/55/56/57/60/62/65/70/75, АХ72 / 75, С55 / 56/60, СТ56, CF62 / 110, М55 / 56, МС60, S55 / 56/57, SL55, SX1, Benq-Siemens A31, AL21 and AF51.
It calculates the keys for the BootKey, through which the flasher then works with the phone (without any patching of bootcore and testpoint - but not with all the phones!). Merges FF, bootcore, langpack, T9 (for devices with which it is stored NOT as a file), FFS (phone disks up to 3) The latest official and non-official versions are in the archive.