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How do smartphones harm a person?

Как смартфоны вредят человеку?

In proportion to the expansion of the expansion of smartphones in human life, the number of haters of modern technology is increasing. Who is not annoyed by friends checking the news every two minutes, while simultaneously being distracted by selfies and correspondence in social networks? Corporations are beginning to impose restrictions on the use of electronic assistants during working hours. At the University of Pennsylvania, students are offered a discount on purchases on campus if students leave their devices off. It seems that smartphone addiction is becoming one of the most common mental disorders of the decade. What is it fraught with?

Harm to health

Как смартфоны вредят человеку?

A lot has already been said about the effect of electromagnetic radiation of smartphones on the human body, but it is not only a high SAR indicator that iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners are worried about.

A former military man of 29 years of age played the addictive Candy Crush on his smartphone every day for 6-8 weeks. Gadgetana was tormented by constant pain in the thumb of his left hand, with which he controlled the device. It turned out that the man had broken the hand tendon and needed surgical intervention. According to the source, the victim of candy mania just passed the time with the device after work.

In addition to limbs, posture and vision can be victims of dependence on sensory apparatus. The gaze is directed towards the display, and the head is too tilted forward, which leads to the stretching of the neck muscles. The result - a pain in the shoulder girdle.

Electronic data carriers are gradually crowding out paper ones, and continuous surveillance of the flickering screen causes irritation, complicates concentration, reduces visual acuity. In addition, the compact gadget can be kept at any distance from the face. Small children often bring the device close, and the negative impact increases. Great chance of developing hyperopia at an early age.

Threat to relationships

Как смартфоны вредят человеку?

A study by Sarah Coyne, a professor at Brigham Young University, found that among 143 married women surveyed, 70 percent reported a change in the nature of the relationship between them and their spouses due to modern technology. Also, respondents noticed an increase in family conflicts on the basis of ignoring a partner due to the use of the device. The result is dissatisfaction with marriage, life and even depression.

James A. Roberts, Marketing Instructor, Business School. Khankamera, Baylor University, also believes that attachment to the device causes stress and a sense of oppression. In a scientific publication, Roberts used the term “phub” - a combination of the English words “phone” and “snub” (“phone” and “insult”). The definition of neologism is to prefer to live with a gadget next to a living person. For a couple this is disastrous.

Excessive fascination with technological miracle spoils not only relations with the second half, but also with “real” people in general. Internet and virtual communication hinders the development of communication skills in children. Suffering from smartphone addiction is simply not able to understand the emotional mood of the interlocutor - this was confirmed in the University of California. The experiment showed that schoolchildren who spent five days without sensory assistants in the camp distinguish the mood of the portraits' heroes better than their peers with free access to electronics and the worldwide network.