SMS gateways (SMS-GateWay)

SMS-шлюзы (SMS-GateWay)

SMS gateway is an interface that allows you to send and receive SMS messages without using a mobile phone. SMS messages are converted to e-mail messages, HTTP requests and back. A message sent through such a gateway can be free for the sender; However, technical limitations are possible (for example, limiting the number of messages sent from one computer per day).

Types of SMS gateways

The most known varieties are WEB2SMS, SMS2EMAIL, EMAIL2SMS, SMS2Skype .

Web2SMS : In addition to the services available through the web interface, some companies provide services available through applications, API functionality sets for working with SMS. Simply put, on the basis of specially developed libraries of programs and / or interfaces, you can send SMS via the Internet.

SMS2Email : This type of SMS gateway allows you to send e-mails via a mobile phone. Most mobile service providers in the United States provide this opportunity. In the UK, the M-Mail service provided by Connectotel allows you to send e-mails even from networks of providers that do not directly support this service.

Email2SMS: Such SMS-gateways allow sending SMS messages to subscribers, through the postal address provided by the operator. For example, by sending an e-mail message to [email protected], the user with the number 123456789000 of the operator useroperator will receive a message with the text contained in the mail message.

There are gateways that allow you to send SMS messages to ordinary landlines.

In this case, SMS is automatically converted to a voice message.

Sometimes the addressee is given the opportunity to send voice mail to the mobile phone from which the SMS came.

There are also so-called corporate SMS-gateways that allow SMS to access corporate applications or databases.

SMS gateway list


Global SMS gateways
AT & T @
Cingular @
Cingular # 2 @
Verizon @
Sprint PCS @
T-Mobile @
Alltel @
Alltel # 2 @
CellularONE @
Green's Communications @
GTE Wireless @
Nextel @
Omnipoint @
Qwest @
SMF / Schuylkill Mobile Fone @
SouthernLinc @
Suncom @
Napishi.Ru send a message


Kyivstar (contract and corporate packages) GSM 900/1800 380********* send a message
Kyivstar (package Ace & Base) GSM 900/1800 380********* Kyivstar has disabled receiving SMS messages from e-mail for all its users by default. To unlock, you need to send any message to the address 7021. Only the owner of the number can do this. There is information that the unlock occurs one day after the message is sent. For more information, contact the Kyivstar support team (edited by DmN) Send message
Kyivstar (Djuice package) GSM 900/1800 380********* send a message
UMC (contract and corporate packages) GSM 900/1800 38050******* send a message
UMC (Sim-Sim package) GSM 900/1800 38050******* send a message
UMC (virtual operator Jeans) GSM 900/1800 ******* send a message
UMC (virtual operator Jeans) GSM 900/1800 ******* send a message
Life :) GSM 900/1800 Mail2sms is not supported send a message
Beeline GSM 900/1800 38068******* send a message
Golden Telecom GSM 1800 +38039******* send a message


Beeline Russia @ To send a message, the owner of the phone must register on the Beeonline website or send a request to connect the service to the number 06849909
F1 Communications Eagle @
GSM Ulyanovsk @
InterAntena Kazan [email protected]
Kontinental Lipetsk [email protected]
Mobil Telecom Kaluga @
RANET Moscow [email protected]
RCA Kazan [email protected]
SmsClub Moscow
Vessolink Moscow @
YeniseyTelecom Russia @
Alkom Electronics Kemerovo @
Astrakhanpaj Astrakhan [email protected]
Baykalwestcom Irkutsk @
BM TELECOM Ufa [email protected]
VessoLink St. Petersburg @
Wesso-Tel Vladivostok @
WestCom Samara [email protected]
Eastern Express Novosibirsk [email protected]
Jakur Tomsk [email protected]
Dontelecom @
Europroject Ulyanovsk @
Single paging Abakan [email protected]
Single Paging Saratov [email protected]
Single paging Ulyanovsk [email protected]
Single Paging Tyumen [email protected]
Interpage Ulyanovsk @
Iskra-Page Krasnoyarsk [email protected]
Itex Pskov @
CCC Kaliningrad [email protected]
CODASH Chelyabinsk [email protected]
Continental Ekaterinburg [email protected]
Kuban-GSM Krasnodar @
Megaphone Russia 7 <number> @
Megafon Ural Khanty-Mansiysk @
Megafon Siberia Russia +7 <number> @
Megaphone Penza @
Mobicom-Kirov Kirov @
Mobile Service Tyumen @
MobileTelecom East Vladivostok [email protected]
MobileTelecom Astrakhan [email protected]
MobileTelecom Barnaul [email protected]
MobileTelecom Kazan [email protected]
MobileTelecom Moscow @
MobileTelecom Omsk @
MobileTelecom Cherepovets [email protected]
MTS Russia @ send a message
MTS Russia @scs? send a message
Multi-Page Moscow @
NGTS Novosibirsk @
NPC Continental Krasnoyarsk [email protected]
Omsk Pager Omsk [email protected]
Paragon Krasnoyarsk [email protected]
Paging company Novosibirsk [email protected]
Penza-GSM Penza @
Substation Continental Moscow [email protected]
RadioPage Moscow @
RadioPage Tashkent [email protected]
Sibpage Nizhnevartovsk [email protected]
Sibpage Novosibirsk [email protected]
SIBTON & TRANSCOM Novosibirsk [email protected]
SMARTS Tolyatti @
SSS-900 Novosibirsk @scs?
Stlink Permian [email protected]
TASCOM Moscow @
TTC Magadan [email protected]
UralSvyazInform Permian @ send a message
KhantymansiyskElektrosvjaz Khantymansiysk [email protected]
Excom Ekaterinburg @
Excom Lipetsk [email protected]


Solid Paging Minsk [email protected]
Belradiopage Minsk
Wessobel Minsk [email protected]
Mobilcom Minsk [email protected]


Beeline Almaty @ send a message
K-Mobile Almaty @ send a message
Kcell Almaty 7701******* Temporarily not available


MTS Uzbekistan Web interface send a message


Orange GSM 900/1800 Mail2sms is not supported send a message
Moldcell GSM 900/1800 Mail2sms is not supported send a message
Unite CDMA2000 Mail2sms is not supported send a message
Interdnestrcom CDMA 777***** send a message
To operate the sms-mail service, you need to order it from the operator