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How to sign the application via the SymbianSigned OnLine service in the absence of a personal certificate

On this topic:

A certificate is an electronic document that gives the right to applications to be applied (installed) in the environment of Symbian OS9.x for a specific end user. The document sets certain requirements for software developers depending on the development of operating systems and Nokia hardware, which forms a standard condition for determining the period of use - the validity period of the certificate. The certificate contains information identifying the holder (the company Symbian), from which the certificate is issued. It is published by the certification centers and issued by Symbian.

Immediately specify that this type of signature is only suitable for Open signed applications. Therefore, do not try to sign commercial software, every possible hacked software, etc. via OnLine signature. This service is designed to sign free software. At the time of this writing, I can say for myself that as long as this service is new, not all free software developers have switched to the Open signed system, so some applications may be refused subscription. But over time - this service for many will solve the problem with application certification.

In this article, we will learn how to sign our OnLine applications via the SymbianSigned site. This type of subscription does not require you to have a personal certificate!

The very process of signing on the site of SymbianSigned and we will sign the application without obtaining a certificate.

We will conduct the OnLine-signature through the site SymbianSigned using the example of the application RotateMe v. 2.01 beta2.

1. Prepare the file to be signed to the following form:

  • Unpack the application if you have it in the archive. You can send and sign a file only in sis format.
  • Rename the file, if it contains many additional characters in the form of numbers and underscores, the name must contain Latin and numbers.

2. We will follow the link to the website OnLine-signatures (It is recommended to use Internet Explorer) BBCU

Online подпись программ для Symbian

3. At the bottom of the web page we see the form to fill:

  • In the IMEI field, carefully enter the IMEI of your phone (you can see your IMEI by dialing the phone code * # 06 #).
  • In the Email field, we enter your real mailbox.
  • In the Application * field, click the Browse button, find our application on the hard drive through the Explorer, click Open. Let the application appear in the row.
  • Under the Capability information line, click [Select all] . After that they automatically appear in all the lower points of the check mark.
  • Enter the verification code shown in the picture.
  • We tick the box next to Accept legal agreement * .
  • We check the correctness of the filled fields. Click the Send button.
Online подпись программ для Symbian

4. In the event that everything is done correctly, all the fields are filled, the application file meets the requirements of the OnLine-signature service, then at the top of the site you will see the message:

  • SUCCESS: Your .sis file was uplaoded successfully. A confirmation email will be sent to you in which you will be required to confirm your request. The following is the confirmation of the file: will be processed and a download link will be sent in an email to the address you provided.
Online подпись программ для Symbian

5. At the e-mail address specified by you, a letter will come with a link to the confirmation.

Online подпись программ для Symbian

6. Click on this link in the email or copy it to the browser. Go to the address specified therein.

As a result of the transition, the following message should appear at the top of the website window:

  • SUCCESS: Your application is rotateMe201beta2.sis signing request has been submitted successfully. When your application has been signed and an email will be sent to you.
Online подпись программ для Symbian

7. At your e-mail address, you will receive a letter containing a link to download the signed application.

Online подпись программ для Symbian

8. Click on this link in the message window or copy it to the browser. Click on the link and the download of your signed file will start.

Online подпись программ для Symbian

9. Connect the phone to the PC and use PC Suite to install our signed application into the smartphone.

Letters come immediately, the answers on the server also occur immediately when clicking through the links, the whole procedure takes about 10 minutes.

The signed file is larger by the size of the source file by approximately 1-3Kb.

Note: Signature service OnLine works only on working days (Monday - Friday).