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Kazantip | Republic of Z

Recently, the most famous youth project of Ukraine - the festival "Kazantip" or "Republic Z" has turned 15 years old. We visited the territory of the Z-republic and decided to share their impressions with the reader.

A small history of creating Kazantip

How it all began and what it led to ... Nikita Marshunok in the Russian show business figure odious. His project "The Republic of Kazantip" - a major youth music festival, held in the summer in the Crimea, gathers thousands of fans of dance culture from all over the CIS. For some, Marshunok is the president of the Orange Country, while others try to convict him of drug trafficking. As they say, business is business.

Казантип Z
And it all started so ... with windsurfing =) In the spring of 1993, a 31-year-old entrepreneur came to the beach in Strogin and distributed to his acquaintances just printed business cards, on which it was written: "Marshunok Nikita is the president of the Russian windsurfing association" (RFA). The association itself did not exist legally, and the president did not even intend to register it. However, this did not prevent him in August of the same year under the auspices of the RFA to organize the first surf championship at Cape Kazantip. 78 sportsmen and about 600 fans came to the competitions. Nikita himself took the fifth place.

The next spring he created a windsurfing school in Strogino, fencing off a half-hectare fence with land and putting slipways. "None of the municipal authorities checked me," he says. - It was enough business cards and forms on which I wrote letters with requests not to object to the organization of a windsurfing school. Nobody even objected. And if I asked someone for permission, I would not have done anything in my life. " The RFA school existed until 1998, bringing the entrepreneur and his two partners $ 25,000 each summer. In addition, about 400 members of the association paid regular contributions ($ 20 per year), brought money and annual winter tours for surfers to Egypt. In parallel, the businessman continued to conduct surfing championships and organize music parties.

In the spring of 1995, seven kilometers from the Azov town of Shchelkino - the places where surfers rode, - Nikita came across an abandoned nuclear reactor. The launch of the station did not take place due to the termination of financing. The idea of ​​how to use 10 square. km of an unnecessary territory, was born instantly. The locals brought the map of the reactor and the keys to it to the entrepreneur, who had already become a celebrity in the Crimea. For one night he transported the equipment there, paying $ 50 for delivery, and on the closing day of the championship he arranged a big party.

The businessman held a second party at the nuclear reactor a year later - in honor of the closure of the next championship. At Kazantip then came about 2000 people. Seeing that the case is becoming more widespread, in autumn 1996, Nikita Marshunok began negotiations with leading youth magazines and radio stations about the information support of the project. The result was a major advertising campaign, after which in August 1997 the festival attracted 6,000 people. Although not everything went smoothly. The launch of the project - the creation of infrastructure, the construction of a stage, the rental of sound and lighting equipment - required about $ 50,000, half of which the organizer did not have. The calculation for sponsors was not justified, and the media partners refused to allocate the missing amount. In order not to disrupt the festival, I had to borrow money from friends.

The turning point for Russian business in August 1998 was the same for Kazantip - though not for economic reasons. "Back in 1995, I began to realize that the tusovka, which I had collected for so many years, began to break up both in material prosperity and in my musical preferences," says the entrepreneur. - I knew that one day I would have to choose between surfers and the rest of the youth. It was necessary to decide who I support, and whom I will lose. " The reason for the disagreement was a change in priorities: the popularity of DJs and musicians gradually eclipsed the glory of "the kings of the wave", and much contributed to this Nikita Marshunok, arranging music parties. As a result, in August 1998, surfers refused to participate in the championship. Despite this, Kazantip was visited by about 6000 people. The history of the non-existent windsurfing and school association ended there.

But the real problem was not the cancellation of the primacy. Two days before the opening of the festival, employees of the prosecutor's office, accompanied by 15 submachine guns, followed the truck with equipment worth half a million dollars. Representatives of law enforcement agencies said that in the car there are drugs for $ 1 million, and made a search. They did not find any drugs, but found mistakes in processing documents for the cargo and brought a criminal case to the organizer. The businessman persuaded the employees of the prosecutor's office to allow him to win back on rented equipment, but left Kazantip only in November, giving everything he had, he said.

Back in the post-crisis Moscow, Nikita Marshunok decided to transform the project, guided by an unspoken rule, according to which in the show business every two years you need to find a new wave. Pointlessly leafing through some tourist magazine, a businessman came across the word republic in the advertisement of some travel agency. "Against the backdrop of various music festivals, it was very difficult to stand out," he says. "And then I decided that we should turn Kazantip into a republic." The entrepreneur wrote the constitution of a new state, in which he described himself as president, several of his friends as ministers, and guests of the festival - the Great Kazantip peoples. Then he introduced a visa regime on the territory of the republic. The cost of one visa was $ 20. It remained only to inform the Great Kazantip People, representatives of which were scattered throughout the territory of the former USSR.

The main means of communication was the mailing of the database, which Nikita Marshunok began to collect from the first windsurfing championship. The result was impressive. According to the census of the Kazantip population in August 1999, the republic was inhabited by about 10,000 people. However, very few of them knew that this time the festival was in jeopardy. "When the truck arrived with equipment, for which I had to pay $ 20,000 immediately, I had only $ 400 in my pocket," Nikita says. - Therefore, the guys who brought the equipment, openly said that they can either turn around and leave, or believe me and stay. I'm supposed to start selling visas, tickets for the reactor, souvenirs and all the money back. They believed. " The right amount was collected before the closing of the festival. At the nuclear reactor in August 1999 the last Kazantip party took place.

By the way, now on Kazantip passes the Open Championship of Russia on windsurfing, to which Nikita Marshunok has nothing to do. The number of guests at the cape last year was 1500 people

Menthol bluff.

Returning to Moscow, Nikita got an art director at the Territory Club and in the same year through the Artefact agency he began talks with Procter & Gamble about the sponsorship of the project. However, this time there were no difficulties: when the businessman went to the Crimea in May 2000, local officials banned the festival. Then he went to Koktebel. Two days sunbathing on the beach and thinking how to get out of the situation. The decision was as follows: for the republic it was necessary to find a new place and to come up with a new concept for this matter.

The biggest mistake, he says, is that the name of the festival was a geographic name that can not be registered as a trademark. To solve this problem, the businessman began to write Kazantip through z, and to protect his project, he started his own PR. Choosing a place - a bay under Sudak, - he introduced several amendments to the constitution of his state. "The Republic of Kazantip has borders, but has no territory, being a state that from time to time freely moves in space to where it is better. The capital of the republic is any locality, which, albeit unexpectedly for itself, was in the very center of the republic. The Republic of Kazantip is a democratic state, headed by a president. Once a year, precedent elections take place, at which the president elects himself, ensuring the continuity of democratic power. "

It remained to convince the sponsors. Strangely enough, this businessman managed. "Procter & Gamble has chosen Kazantip as the place to promote its Head & Shoulders Menthol shampoo, aimed at the youth audience," says Alexander Shumsky, general director of the Artefact agency. - For such a conservative company as Procter & Gamble, it was a risky but justified step. We then found a lot of non-standard solutions. " For example, to advertise shampoo Nikita Marshunok announced that "in the Republic of Kazantip there is the only menthol deposit in the world and this product is the national wealth of the republic".

Procter & Gamble allocated more than $ 100,000 for the festival. The construction of the stage alone cost $ 30,000. In the nightclubs of ten cities, the Embassies of the Republic of Kazantip were opened, and local radio stations scrolled about 5000 commercials, the text of which changed every week. As a result, about 10,000 people visited the festival. In the same year Nikita Marshunok received the first state diploma "For the popularization of the Crimea as a center for international youth tourism." In the following year, 2001, the Republic of Kazantip moved again: the living conditions under Sudak were not suitable for holding a major show festival. The republic stopped near the village of Popovka, 30 km from Evpatoria. At the same time Nikita Marshunok decided to legally protect his project from encroachments. Together with two partners close to the government of Ukraine and the Crimean administration, he registered a company whose name is not disclosed, and for a month issued a land plot for 4 hectares, which he protected by the "Great Kazantip Wall". The game in the republic became even tougher, and for the first time he managed to structure his business. In August 2001, on the four dance floors of Kazantip, 17,000 people "broke away". The entire project then cost $ 150,000, taken on credit.

"The financial success of this project is due to the fact that it was originally conceived as a non-profit," says Alexei Zubov, Art Director of the Heart Club and concurrently Minister of Sound of the Republic. - "Kazantip" is still a game for the initiated. As soon as the project becomes massive, it will die. " Nevertheless, the "Kazantip", which passed from July 20 to August 20, 2002, turned out to be the largest in its history. The sponsor of the event was the Baltika Brewery, which allocated $ 300,000 for TV advertising. The territory of the Republic of Kazantip expanded to 6 hectares, on which eight dance floors were built. The launch of the project cost $ 178,000, and the republic's population has grown to 30,000 citizens. Even if each of them spent $ 200 this month, the turnover of the event was $ 6 million. In addition to vacationers, the festival was visited by about 300 employees of Interpol, security services and other law enforcement agencies: they were looking for drugs, but no criminal case was finally instituted.

Of course, the festival has enough problems and in addition to the intense interest from officials and special services. "Because of the fact that the event is taking place in another country, it's difficult to negotiate with the sponsors," says Harry Chaglasyan, the president of the XIII promoter group, which organized tours to Ibiza. - Therefore, the festival has small budgets, which do not allow you to invite famous Western DJs. It is necessary to improve the image of the festival, although for its long history Kazantip gradually becomes a brand. " According to Chaghlasyan, the next step for President Kazantip and his partners could be the production of CDs, like Buddha-Bar or Cafe del Mar. "When you buy these CDs, you immediately imagine chill-out, lounge music," Chaglasyan continues. "Kazantip is not yet associated with any specific musical style." Youth tourism and round-the-clock dances remain the main source of income for a small mobile state.

Kazantip is a disease.

The Republic of Z is one of the most ambitious projects that take place in the Crimea. The Republic is a huge sandy beach, on which there are more than 10 different dance floors, about 25 bars, souvenir shops, sports grounds, Internet cafes, tattoo and body-art salons. In 2006, the festival runs from the middle of July to the 26th of August.

The Republic of Z has all the characteristic features of a sovereign state - it has its own territory, the president, the government (the cabinet headed by the prime minister), the national anthem and national attributes. Kazantip is a constitutional republic with the Presidential Board. The lifetime president of the republic is the Moscow sportsman and businessman Nikita Marshunok. The symbol of the Republic is the Yellow Suitcase with metal corners, and the sacred animal of 2006 is the Ladybug. The national color was always orange, but in the light of the latest political events in Ukraine in 2006 it was decided to change it to orange in a black polozhek.

The main achievement of the Kazan democracy is the internal freedom of the individual and the independence of its citizens, even from themselves, as well as the independence of the Republic from the gray and monotonous world. The indigenous population of the Republic of Kazantip is cheerful and tanned loafers, to whom "everything is orange." The idea of ​​Kazantip is to bring together all the smartest, funniest, most beautiful people on the planet.

How to get there?

The festival takes place on the outskirts of the village of Popovka, Saki region, 30 km from Evpatoria and 112 km from Simferopol. Directions to Popovka from Evpatoria by shuttle bus from the bus station for 2-5 hryvnia and 40 minutes, by taxi 60-150 UAH. and 15-20 minutes. Every driver of a taxi and a bus knows what Kazantip is and will drive any number of people to it without problems at any time of the day. Only a matter of price! At the entrance to the village. Peace should be turned left on the pointer "Pogranzastava" and a couple of minutes you are in the central square Popovka. On one side of the square is the only grocery store in the village, on the other - a cult for the inhabitants of the "Republic Z" institution - the bar "Roman-kosh". Having wrapped around the cafe, you will see a 30 meter narrow passage between the two walls of the shell-house - this is a stylized entrance to the territory of the Republic of Z, which separates it from the rest of the world. Through the "passage in the wall" you fall into the field made by cafes, Tatar shalms, stalls, and behind them you can see a huge structure with a triumphal arch - this is the ENTRANCE!

How to get inside?

The Arc de Triomphe is the entrance to the Republic of Schastya
It is not very difficult to get to the territory of the Republic. Here both residents and legal temporary migrants are admitted. But do not allow bad people - for this there is a clear visa control. VISA is a pass that allows you to enter the territory during the whole festival (the cost of a visa is 400 UAH). One-time admission is 100 UAH. in ordinary days, 150 UAH. - for the grand opening and closing. The price factor immediately repels local punks, lowered alcoholics and drug addicts, and other antisocial personalities. The difference between the Kazantip visa regime and the rest of the world is that, having obtained a visa, you become not just a tourist, but a full-fledged citizen of the Republic, with all the privileges and peculiarities of a national character that follow from it.

The visa is bought at the entrance to the visa department, you are photographed and handed a plastic card of yellow color with the inscription "Great people" with individual electronic code. At the entrance there is a serious guard and you are passed through a computer terminal that scans your visa. Thus, no one except you can pass through your visa. All attempts to cross the state's borders through fences or the sea are brutally suppressed by security.

What to do inside?

Inside the Republic there is a special atmosphere of universal happiness and freedom, a huge number of non-standard personalities, special rituals. Every day there are various events, celebrations and competitions. Therefore, in the territory of Kazantip you just have to enjoy life, swim in the sea, dance, drink delicious drinks, get acquainted and have fun.

The main thing on Kazantip is music. 24 hours a day "make music" the most famous and fashionable DJs in Russia and Ukraine. From such famous gurus with a great past, like Lena Popova or Mitrofanov, to beginners with a great future. Each dance floor and bar differ from each other with style of music, original design, assortment of drinks and prices. On many dance floors music plays around the clock. Many original souvenirs are sold. On the territory there are various cult buildings: stone-henge, triumphal arch, palm alleys, and many other interesting objects, the meaning and purpose of which can be understood only by finding themselves inside.

The inhabitants of the republic about such a biorhythm.

Sunset at Kazantip is an amazing sight

17.00 - 20.00 The best hours of life. This time must be spent on the beach, learn all the gossip, sunbathe, get acquainted with the girl, and meet the branded sunset on the beach for beautiful music. Sunset escorted every day, looking at the sun disc, listening to music and meditating - whoever wants. Only the sun disc touches the water surface on the horizon - several hundred hands clap their hands!

20.00 - 22.00 The easiest way to "fix" an acquaintance with a girl is to invite her to lunch. After dinner, offer the girl a "siesta" (an after-dinner dream) or navir, that you have hot water in your room (it works without fail).

22.00 - 5-6 in the morning. Live concerts of live bands begin on the main stage. Time of active actions.

Who is there?

Dancing in the sea at the dance floor "Meduza"
Young people from major cities of the CIS come to Kazantip: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Minsk. There are visitors from Europe, mainly from the near abroad. Crimean is a little - after all, the visa is not cheap, and in the season the main part of the Crimean youth works, and does not rest. Citizens of the Republic are young people from the age of 17 to 35, students and young specialists. Most of them work and are engaged in intellectual and creative work - computer programmers, top sales managers, advertising agents and experts on P-R'u, marketers, designers. The whole year they work in the field of new technologies, information and advertising, design and "creative", so that in summer they can come to rest on Kazantip. Probably only this kind of rest gives them a good discharge and inspiration for the work for the whole next year. Of course, "Golden Youth" and representatives of "medium and large business" come to Popovka, but in the general mass they are lost - in the afternoon on the beach or at night on the dance floor are all equal. And only the chic Cherokee, Hummers, Land Cruisers in the parking lot in front of the entrance remind us of social inequality outside Kazantip.

Citizens of the republic, indulging in idle gaiety and joy around the clock guard against the encroachments of the evil outside world serious security. So there are no conflicts inside. Security also closely watches violators: lovers openly accept drugs, manifestations of passionate love in public, etc. By the way, the use and distribution of drugs on the territory of the Republic is prohibited, and this idea is supported in every way by the Government.

What for?

Dance floor SHALT
After long dances I want to sleep. Or at least wash. To do this, you need some place with four walls and a roof. Over the past few years Popovka has increased in size by 3 times, there have appeared a lot of new houses, mini-hotels, private boarding houses. On the territory of the "Republic of Z" there are no places for overnight stays (although many sleep on the beach or on the stalls in a cafe), housing can be rented in Popovka, or in the nearby villages of Mirny or Storm. The cost of housing from 30 to 200 hryvnia per day per person, depending on the conditions of accommodation. There are rooms in private houses for 5-7 people, where the rooms only have beds, and there are rooms in the hotel with chic furniture, air conditioning, swimming pools and security in the yard. The most famous and the main street of the village Popovka - Rybalko Street, where "zdaetsa fse". The most decent rooms on Rybalko Street №№ 5, 44, 35. Here you can stay for 50-80 hryvnia per day.

Food and drink is becoming more expensive towards the center of the festival territory. The highest prices inside the Republic of Z, the cheapest - in the area of ​​Rybalko Street. On Rybalko a bottle of beer costs 3 hryvnia, on the dance floor the same bottle will go for 12-14 hryvnia. Inside the Kazantip walls there is an Italian cafe, a sushi bar, a cafe with complex lunches of 25 hryvnia. The most popular drink of the Kazantipists is Burn, one of the sponsors and partners of the festival - "inside" costs about 10 hryvnia. The average price threshold in the zone of "local eastern catering" - pilaf, shish kebab, lagman at a cost as everywhere in the Crimea. The cheapest and tasty food you can eat at the famous house on Rybalko No. 5, as they say "at the Tatars". An ordinary medium-budget public catering with an oriental bias. Everyone likes.

Dance floor "Euro" and palm avenues of the Republic

For those who need to share their impressions with friends in another city, there is an Internet center (20 UAH per hour). By the way, the portal is also one of the sponsors of the festival. For those who suddenly felt a sharp surge of sexual energy and saw a desire in the eyes of a partner, surrounded by famous Kazantip palms there are reed huts with mats-mats on the floor for 30 hryvnia per hour. Above the hut is a red lantern.

To understand what Kazantip is and whether you need it, you need to go yourself and get inside. Wander between the palms, dream to the music of sunset'a on the dance floor of Medusa, dance under the spotlights from Stonehenge, drink Burn'a with new friends to the music of Lena Popova on the dance floor of St. Petersburg Schastye. As long as there is time until August 26, take a ticket and head for the sun towards country Z.

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