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Tips to help stop smoking once and for all

Хитрости, которые помогут бросить курить раз и навсегда

Once I had a firm decision to say goodbye to smoking. I fully realized that this habit does not make me better. After a couple of weeks of my abstention from cigarettes, I met one friend. She asked me: “Do you smoke no more? For real? And what, you do not even dream of cigarettes? ”And then I realized that several times in that short time I had a dream about how I was dragging! This fact further strengthened me in the thought that dependence on nicotine is dependence of consciousness, and not of the physical body.

To quit smoking, you need to understand what motivates you to do it. What do you like more: light a fire, smell smoke, cough and suffer from bad breath, look at your teeth in a mirror, have a smoke break, scatter lighters and ashtrays everywhere? Everyone finds something of their own, smoking is a kind of hobby. If you do not know what to do, - smoke, do not know what to say, - smoke; if you want to eat, but nothing, - smoke.

Tobacco is useless, it quenches the nicotine thirst, which he himself creates. If you smoke for the first time in your life or after a long break, you will not feel anything but disgusting sensations. Dizziness, nausea, unpleasant taste in the mouth - that will overtake you after you smoke a cigarette. Only experienced smokers understand this strange pleasure, and the more difficult it is for them to give it up. In addition, tobacco corporations are not asleep, advertising is doing its job, not allowing people to regain consciousness and make an informed choice on what they depend on. As for me, it is better to develop a dependence on more pleasant and profitable things than smoking ...

Хитрости, которые помогут бросить курить раз и навсегда

If you decide to quit smoking, be prepared that this is easy. You just need to want.

Defeating this addiction is as easy as purchasing it.

1. Mark in the calendar when you decide to stop smoking. Make a mark in 14 days - at the end of this period you will become free from cigarettes.

2. Motivate yourself. Make a list that will convince anyone to quit. It's so profitable! Saving time, money and health monitoring.

3. In the first week of adaptation to a new lifestyle, you can still smoke. On one condition: keep records of cigarettes smoked, recording when, how much and why you smoke. Be honest with yourself.

4. Look for support where you love to receive it most: in the company of friends, on the Internet, among colleagues. Tell everyone that you quit smoking and ask for help. Prayer helps the believers. Meditation is another way to adjust your thoughts to a positive outcome of the event, you can quit smoking in a couple of days with the help of meditation.

5. Every day, reduce the number of cigarettes smoked until they disappear completely. Dokuri last pack and do not buy more.

6. Breathe deeply, drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods. All this will help your body recover and overcome nicotine addiction.

7. Headache, insomnia, nervous overexcitement, cough, lethargy ... There can be many withdrawal symptoms, even a depressive state. Be ready for this and do not go on about the sly nicotine. Reassure yourself that all this suffering will end soon. Spoil yourself with pleasant things every day, be it a warm bath or a dish of exotic cuisine. You can come up with a lot of things.

8. I'm used to smoking when you are nervous? You do not know where to put your hands and what to do with your mouth? Look for an alternative! For example, chewing an apple when you want to smoke is a more worthy addiction. Many people recommend candy and candy, anti-stress ball and other trifles. Everyone chooses for himself what he likes. But it is best to replace smoking with interesting things and healthy food.

9. Write a little story about your achievements. The story can be published in social networks, you will be surprised by the sudden support of different people!

10. If you haven't smoked for a couple of days, give yourself a present. Please yourself with something nice, because you deserve it.

11. Exercise, dance to rhythmic music. Have fun for any reason! In short, try to taste life without smoking.

12. If you have an overwhelming desire to smoke, take a deep breath. Close your eyes, touch your ears, your head. Open your eyes and look around. Where are you? What are you going to do? Why do you need to smoke now? The higher your level of awareness and sober perception of reality, the more likely you are to say goodbye to the illusory world of imposed needs. When you want to smoke, the consumer tells you. Show him what your willpower is capable of.

13. Find positive aspects in changing your habits! For example, write down what useful items you spent on money saved on cigarettes this month.

14. Refuse when offered to smoke. It is very difficult, I know. The ability to firmly refuse must be developed. Imagine that instead of a cigarette you are now given a magic incense stick that can change the course of your life, and not at all for the better. Self-hypnosis is a great thing.

15. Walk in the fresh air, enjoy the views. Quitting smoking will change you, do not be surprised, you will notice what was previously unavailable.

16. Do not give up, you get what you dream about. Imagine the image of a non-smoker, healthy, successful person, imagine yourself on top of the world. These experiments with consciousness will help you develop, your dreams can easily become a reality!

17. Add fragrant spices to food, carry tea with spices and lemon in a small thermos bottle everywhere. This tea will save you more than once in the most intense situations when you want to smoke. Just drink a little and calm down. The method is win-win and works fine, be sure to check.

There are so many beautiful things in the world! Replacing smoking with another addiction is very easy. Choose one that not only does not harm your health, but will also be useful to you. Sports, photography, yoga, cooking, wood crafts ... Any of these activities are much better than smoking. However, you yourself are well aware of this. Do not be lazy to improve yourself right now! Leave a society of active consumers of cigarettes with a light heart and joyful heart.