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Alfa Bank (Ukraine)

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Alfa-Bank (Ukraine) is a universal commercial bank, which is part of the Alfa-Group international consortium. The Bank occupies a leading position in all segments of the Ukrainian banking market. According to the rating of the National Bank of Ukraine, the Bank is included in the group of the largest banks in the country in terms of assets and is one of the leaders in terms of funds of legal entities, growth rates of retail deposit and loan portfolios in 2012.

Alfa-Bank (Ukraine) is proud of its reputation as a reliable and stable financial institution with a fast, convenient service and innovative approach to customer service. As a member of the Alfa Group consortium, Alfa-Bank (Ukraine) uses the rich financial experience of the banking group, combining in-depth knowledge of the Ukrainian market and international business standards, which is one of its competitive advantages. Shareholder support through regular capital increase is key to long-term business development. Thus, over the past six years, the Bank increased its capital seven times.

Alfa-Bank's strategy is aimed at further developing a universal business model, increasing operational efficiency, strengthening the leading position among Ukrainian banks by increasing the volume of operations and increasing the loan portfolio, as well as developing modern technologies.

The key positions of the Bank in the Ukrainian market were recognized by numerous ratings and studies. Thus, in 2013, Alfa-Bank entered the TOP-3 rating of the “20 most efficient banks of Ukraine” in the Forbes Ukraine business publication and ranked third among the top 50 banks in the country according to the leading business publication Kommersant-Ukraine.

  • Bank awareness in Ukraine
  • Online loan decision
  • Free delivery of a card to the house
  • Cash withdrawal without commission at any ATM of the country
  • Grace period up to 55 days