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Blood and Soul

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BS is a new exciting online game that has earned the trust of many players in Russia, the United States, China, Malaysia and other countries. It rightly bears the title of the most lively online game ever released in Russia. A huge number of emotions, confessions of love, a whole collection of fashionable costumes make it possible for your character to have a unique look and unique character traits.

This game is famous for its bright and diverse world, in which everyone can find a job to taste. You can find your soul mate and play a magnificent wedding, you can arrange a real bloody battle between guilds for owning the territory, you can participate in tournament fights in the arena, or calmly create things and trade them, increasing your capital.

  • - Deeply developed system of emotions of characters;
  • - Violent battles in the arena and global wars of guilds;
  • - The divine helpers of the Elves, growing with the character;
  • - An extensive system of production and improvement of equipment;
  • - A special dynamic system of spell casting;
  • - Ideal conditions for the expression of feelings;
  • - The system of game pets;
  • - Pleasant gifts to players EVERY DAY.