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Clasno Shop

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Clasno shop has been present on the Ukrainian Internet market since 2008.

We offer a wide range of products for women (shoes, clothes, underwear, accessories), as well as for men and children. When filling the catalog, preference is given to Polish manufacturers and Ukrainian trademarks with consistently high product quality.

Products of the middle and more affordable price range prevail.

The range is stable, the goods remain on sale for a long time. Customers have the opportunity to plan purchases.

Seasonal sales are regularly held, as well as special price offers for the holidays.

Catalog updates occur daily.

A convenient menu, the ability to sort goods allow you to segment the catalog. We have provided an opportunity to create both very narrowly targeted links, and viewing large groups of goods.

Our team employs experienced programmers.


  • daily replenishment assortment
  • large selection of goods
  • ongoing promotions
  • fast delivery
  • affordable prices