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Credit365 is a unique online loan service.

We give an opportunity to any citizen of Ukraine at the age of 20 to 75 years, get an instant loan in a convenient place for him and at a convenient time.

The loan is granted in the amount of 500 UAH. up to 7 000 UAH. for up to 30 days, with the possibility of renewal.

Getting a loan is easy!

  • Choose the amount and term of lending on the site
  • Fill in the form (full name, tax ID, mobile number, e-mail, account number, address). Note! Credit365 guarantees the security of your personal data.
  • Confirm your data (by sending 1 UAH from your account to Credit365 account, you agree with the terms of the agreement and confirm your details specified earlier)
  • Receive an answer and instant money transfer to your account.

Requirements for borrowers:

  • citizenship - Ukraine;
  • age - from 20 to 75 years;
  • a bank account in one of the Ukrainian banks;
  • mobile phone;

Advantages of Credit365:

  • 100% online service, without personal presence;
  • possibility to extend the loan period;
  • Do not need to open a new bank account, the money will come to any of your accounts;
  • with each re-application, the loan amount is increased;
  • easy issuance procedure;
  • high% approval of applications;

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