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Fornex Hosting

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Hosting company Fornex Hosting SL enters the Russian and Ukrainian market and provides for its customers a flexible line of virtual and dedicated servers. The main differences from competitors are:

  • Servers exclusively in Europe and the Russian representative office is not and never will. For some, this may seem a disadvantage, but for many it will be the main advantage.
  • Competent support that will not leave you in the lurch. This concerns both assistance with unplanned workloads, and support for complex moves from another hosting company.
  • Very flexible line of tariffs. Rates start at 2.5 € and end at 320 €.
  • Cooperation only with trusted DCs of Europe. We will not recommend you an unlimited DC tariff, which is actually limited. We give our customers full server information.
  • Huge discounts when paying for the order for 1 year in advance.
  • We are not limited to the line of servers provided on our website and we will help you to choose an individual option.

Fornex Hosting SL has been registered in Spain and has been providing hosting services to its customers since 2007. We started our business with virtual hosting, and later decided to concentrate all our efforts on providing services in the field of leasing dedicated and virtual servers.

Among our customers you can meet the owners of large file hosting sites with terrabytes of traffic per day, stores that should be constantly accessible to customers, and of course, ordinary business card sites.

Why do so many clients from the CIS countries rent their servers abroad? They are driven by the desire to get first-class service, adequate prices and, of course, EU legislative support. Please note that we cooperate exclusively with the law enforcement agencies of the European Union and provide information about our clients only by a court of Spain or another EU country.

We can boast not only qualified, but also friendly technical support. You communicate with our employees exclusively in Russian and get a high-quality and fast solution to your questions.

We work with several European data centers, which allows us to provide different rates from the simplest servers to powerful multiprocessor systems with unlimited traffic. We select only those DCs that have proven themselves from the best side in the last few years of working together. If you are not sure which server is right for you, please contact our support team and our engineers will help you choose the best rate.

We host our servers in the four best data centers in Europe - in France, in Germany and the Netherlands. The total throughput of all data centers is over 1500 Gbit / s, and of course they are all equipped with a modern cooling system, automatic gas fire extinguishing system, uninterrupted power supply, backup channels and professional technical staff.

We do not have restrictions on traffic geography or incoming / outgoing ratios, since all traffic is limited only to the number of terrabayt at your rate or is not limited at all (Omega line).

You can pay in any way convenient for you. For example Webmoney (WMR, WMZ, WME), PayPal, and also to an account in a Spanish bank. We really appreciate our regular customers and from time to time we carry out promotions, allowing to get a server for rent at a better price!