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Getwear is a website where anyone can create their dream jeans right online.

A unique product on the Russian market - jeans by design and measurement of the user!

Getwear is a website where anyone can create their dream jeans right online. And buy by own measure, or by standard sizes. Strong denim jeans, sturdy seams and expensive hardware. Piece production and technology inaccessible to the mass market.

The product has a viral effect. We convert almost any traffic. Plus a high percentage of impulse purchases!

Getwear is a Russian-Israeli-Indian-American company that sews jeans according to your design and standards and delivers them anywhere in the world.

The target audience:

  • Men / women from 18 to 45 years
  • Unlike many other clothing stores, we have a great envelope for men (about 50% of our customers are male). Well, by itself, well bought by women :)

Customer benefits:

  • Free shipping fast throughout GEO
  • Getwear offers its customers free to change jeans, in case they do not fit
  • The professionalism of the work of the store team and the guarantee of high quality
  • Purchase security guarantee
  • Convenient payment system

Advantages of working with us:

  • A unique product on the market, the effect of novelty.
  • The unique jeans configurator is an important factor in user engagement. Inspired by the creation of jeans of his design, he is ready to pay for the result.
  • The product solves the real problems of the user (the inability to find the desired style, the desired fit, color, etc.)
  • A rapidly developing project with significant investments in promotion;
  • Constant growth of brand awareness;
  • No direct competitors