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Kupinatao (new name of Rutaobao)


Kupinatao (the new name of Rutaobao) is an authorized Russian shopping service in the largest Chinese online store

For today in China almost any kind of production is made: from charms for keys and plastic utensils to the medical equipment and cars. At the same time, the quality of goods does not cause complaints, in view of the huge competition in the market.

Kupinatao for those who want to buy inexpensive and high-quality Chinese goods at the largest online store in China Taobao.

What is Kupinatao:

  • Authorized Russian shopping service in the largest Chinese online stores and
  • The work experience of the store is more than 4 years. More than 200 thousand customers all over Russia, the CIS and the EU.
  • Own warehouse in China, which allows you to control the quality of the received goods, as well as consolidate orders.
  • Established logistics delivery channels from China.
  • 24-hour Russian-language Support Service.
  • is a project of Virtoway, a member of the National Association of Remote Trade

Advantages for customers:

  • Convenient, intuitive catalog of goods completely in Russian;
  • More than 50 thousand reviews of Russian-speaking clients about the purchased goods;
  • The calculation is made in dollars and rubles;
  • More than 20 payment methods;
  • Proven with years of suppliers;
  • The presence of producers with whom we work "directly";
  • Warranty service
  • Own warehouse in China;
  • Russian-speaking customer service 24/7;
  • Fast registration and delivery of the order;
  • Double quality control of goods - upon receipt from the supplier, and when sending the parcel;
  • Detailed report on the progress of the order execution on the site and by e-mail;
  • Bonuses for purchases to your account in your account;
  • Availability of categories of goods with free delivery;
  • Active communities in social networks, uniting more than 400 000 people;
  • Promotions and discounts on the site.

Advantages for partners:

  • Huge selection of goods, more than 700 million;
  • Sale is carried out both wholesale and retail;
  • Average check: 180 usd (Data for July 2014);
  • Wide geography of delivery - to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and many other countries of the CIS and Europe;
  • Famous brand;
  • The work experience of the store is more than 4 years;
  • More than 200 thousand customers in Russia, CIS and Europe;
  • A very broad target audience;
  • Promocodes and promotions for partners;
  • The personal manager

Kupinatao - a competent choice for an advanced buyer! We guarantee, you choose.

Our target audience is mainly family women of 20-40 years, residents of cities with a population of 100,000 people, but there are many men. If you focus on the latest statistics of attendance of our site, then women from the total number - 64%. According to geography, this is 78% of visitors from Russia, 19% from CIS countries, mainly from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

The most popular categories of products: clothing, footwear, household chemicals and cosmetics, overhead hair / wigs, lighting fixtures, tools, storage appliances / drying / washing, medicinal raw materials and medicinal products, cleaning devices, soft toys, watches and many other categories .